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1999Distressed relationships: Lessons from the Norwegian banking crisisOngena, Steven; Smith, David C.; Michalsen, Dag
2004The Impact of Competition on Bank Orientation and Specialization (new titel: The impact of competition on bank orientation)Degryse, Hans; Ongena, Steven
2005Financial integration and entrepreneurial activity: evidence from foreign bank entry in emerging marketsGiannetti, Mariassunta; Ongena, Steven
2007The economic impact of merger control: what is special about banking?Carletti, Elena; Hartmann, Philipp; Ongena, Steven
2007Creditor concentration: an empirical investigationOngena, Steven; Tümer-Alkan, Günseli; von Westernhagen, Natalja
2007Rules versus discretion in loan rate settingCerqueiro, Geraldo; Degryse, Hans; Ongena, Steven
2009Bank loan announcements and borrower stock returns: does bank origin matter?Ongena, Steven; Roscovan, Viorel
2010Credit supply - Identifying balance-sheet channels with loan applications and granted loansJiménez, Gabriel; Ongena, Steven; Peydró, José-Luis; Saurina, Jesús
2010Foreign Currency Loans - Demand or Supply Driven?Brown, Martin; Kirschenmann, Karolin; Ongena, Steven
2010Interbank market integration, loan rates, and firm leverageOngena, Steven; Popov, Alexander
2011Securitization and lending standards: evidence from the wholesale loan marketKara, Alper; Marqués-Ibáñez, David; Ongena, Steven
2012When the cat's away the mice will play: does regulation at home affect bank risk taking abroad?Ongena, Steven; Popov, Alexander; Udell, Gregory F.
2012The Transmission of Monetary Policy through Conventional and Islamic BanksZaheer, Sajjad; Ongena, Steven; van Wijnbergen, Sweder
2012Who needs credit and who gets credit in Eastern Europe?Brown, Martin; Ongena, Steven; Popov, Alexander; Yesin, Pinar
2012Credit Supply and Monetary Policy: Identifying the Bank Balance-Sheet Channel with Loan ApplicationsJiménez, Gabriel; Ongena, Steven; Peydró, José-Luis; Saurina, Jesús
2012Collaterlization, bank loan rates and monitoring: Evidence from a natural experimentCerqueiro, Geraldo; Ongena, Steven; Roszbach, Kasper
2013Informal or formal financing? Or both? First evidence on the co-funding of Chinese firmsDegryse, Hans; Lu, Liping; Ongena, Steven
2013Islamic finance in Europedi Mauro, Filippo; Caristi, Pierluigi; Couderc, Stéphane; di Maria, Angela; Ho, Lauren; Grewal, Beljeet Kaur; Masciantonio, Sergio; Ongena, Steven; Zaher, Sajjad
2014Hazardous times for monetary policy: what do twenty-three million bank loans say about the effects of monetary policy on credit risk-taking?Jiménez, Gabriel; Ongena, Steven; Peydró, José-Luis; Saurina, Jesús
2014In lands of foreign currency credit, bank lending channels run through? The effects of monetary policy at home and abroad on the currency denomination of the supply of creditOngena, Steven; Schindele, Ibolya; Vonnák, Dzsamila