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2012 Survey of foreign assets and liabilities in Nigeria 2011 reportTumala, Mohammed M.; Ajibola, Olufemi I.; Omotosho, Babatunde S.; Baruwa, Oladipupo A.
2012 Understanding the dynamics of inflation volatility in Nigeria: A GARCH perspectiveOmotosho, Babatunde S.; Doguwa, Sani I.
2015 Is real exchange rate misalignment a leading indicator of currency crises in Nigeria?Omotosho, Babatunde S.
2015 Real exchange rate misalignment and economic growth in NigeriaAli, Abdulkadir I.; Ajibola, Isaiah O.; Omotosho, Babatunde S.; Adetoba, Olutope O.; Adeleke, Abiola O.
2015 Ratchet effects in currency substitution: An application to NigeriaBawa, Sani; Omotosho, Babatunde S.; Doguwa, Sani I.
2015 Destination sectors and originating economies of Nigeria's private foreign assets and liabilities in 2013Ajibola, Olufemi I.; Omotosho, Babatunde S.
2015 Nonlinear adjustments between exchange rates and external eeserves in Nigeria: A threshold cointegration analysisAjibola, Isaiah O.; Udoette, Ubong S.; Omotosho, Babatunde S.; Muhammad, Rabia A.
2016 Determining the optimal public debt threshold for NigeriaOmotosho, Babatunde S.; Bawa, Sani; Doguwa, Sani I.
2016 Testing the Fisher hypothesis in the presence of structural breaks and adaptive inflationary expectations: Evidence from NigeriaUyaebo, Stephen O. U.; Bello, Yakubu A.; Omotosho, Babatunde S.; Karu, Suleiman; Stephen, Satumari A.; Ogbuka, Raymond O.; Usman, Balarabe F.; Mimiko, Oluwaseun D.
2017 Exchange rate misalignment under different exchange rate regimes in NigeriaEssien, Sunday N.; Uyaebo, Stephen O. U.; Omotosho, Babatunde S.