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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 Patterns and Determinants of International Trade Costs in the Food IndustryOlper, Alessandro; Raimondi, Valentina
2007 Market access asymmetry in food tradeOlper, Alessandro; Raimondi, Valentina
2009 Political Reforms and Public Policies: Evidence from Agricultural ProtectionOlper, Alessandro; Falkowsk, Jan; Swinnen, Johan
2009 Mass Media and Public Policy:Global Evidence from Agricultural PoliciesOlper, Alessandro; Swinnen, Johan F. M.
2010 Political competition and support for agricultureFaƂkowski, Jan; Olper, Alessandro
2010 GMO Regulations, International Trade and the Imperialism of StandardsVigani, Mauro; Raimondi, Valentina; Olper, Alessandro
2011 The Political Economy of Policy Instrument Choice: Theory and Evidence from Agricultural PoliciesSwinnen, Johan F. M.; Olper, Alessandro; Vandemoortele, Thijs
2012 GMO Standards, Endogenous Policy and the Market for InformationVigani, Mauro; Olper, Alessandro
2012 Electoral Rules, Forms of Government and Redistributive Policy: Evidence from Agriculture and Food PoliciesOlper, Alessandro; Raimondi, Valentina
2013 GM-free private standards, public regulation of GM products and mass mediaVigani, Mauro; Olper, Alessandro
2013 Trade, import competition and productivity growth in the food industryOlper, Alessandro; Curzi, Daniele; Pacca, Lucia
2013 Estimating food quality from trade data: An empirical assessmentCurzi, Daniele; Pacca, Lucia; Olper, Alessandro
2013 Do food standards affect the quality of EU imports?Olper, Alessandro; Curzi, Daniele; Pacca, Lucia
2017 Trade liberalization and child mortality: A synthetic control methodOlper, Alessandro; Curzi, Daniele; Swinnen, Johan F. M.
2018 Jobs and agricultural policy: Impact of the common agricultural policy on EU agricultural employmentGarrone, Maria; Emmers, Dorien; Olper, Alessandro; Swinnen, Johan F. M.
2018 Subsidies and agricultural productivity: CAP payments and labour productivity (convergence) in EU agricultureGarrone, Maria; Emmers, Dorien; Olper, Alessandro; Swinnen, Johan F. M.