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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Bequest Motives: A Comparison of Sweden and the United StatesLaitner, John; Ohlsson, Henry
1998 Ownership and Production Costs - Choosing Between Public Production and Contracting OutOhlsson, Henry
1999 Post Mortem Reputation, Compensatory Gifts and Equal BequestsLundholm, Michael; Ohlsson, Henry
2000 Who Takes Care of the Children? The quantity-quality model revisitedLundholm, Michael; Ohlsson, Henry
2000 Compensatory inter vivos giftsHochguertel, Stefan; Ohlsson, Henry
2005 Tax Avoidance and Intra-Family TransfersNordblom, Katarina; Ohlsson, Henry
2006 Long-run changes in the concentration of wealth: An overview of recent findingsOhlsson, Henry; Roine, Jesper; Waldenström, Daniel
2007 The equal division puzzle - empirical evidence on intergenerational transfers in SwedenOhlsson, Henry
2007 Tax avoidance - a natural experimentOhlsson, Henry
2007 Living to Save TaxesEliason, Marcus; Ohlsson, Henry
2007 The legacy of the Swedish gift and inheritance tax, 1884-2004Ohlsson, Henry
2007 Long term effects of public policy for displaced workers in Sweden - shipyard workers in the West and miners in the NorthOhlsson, Henry; Storrie, Donald
2007 Compensatory Inter Vivos GiftsHochguertel, Stefan; Ohlsson, Henry
2007 Long-Run Changes in the Concentration of Wealth: An Overview of Recent FindingsWaldenström, Daniel; Ohlsson, Henry; Roine, Jesper
2010 Timing of death and the repeal of the Swedish inheritance taxEliason, Marcus; Ohlsson, Henry
2011 Wealth mobility and dynamics over entire individual working life cyclesHochguertel, Stefan; Ohlsson, Henry
2011 Loss evasion and tax aversionEngström, Per; Nordblom, Katarina; Ohlsson, Henry; Persson, Annika
2011 Carnegie visits Nobel: Do inheritances affect labor and capital income?Elinder, Mikael; Erixson, Oscar; Ohlsson, Henry
2011 Carnegie visits nobel: Do inheritances affect labor and capital income?Elinder, Mikael; Erixson, Oscar; Ohlsson, Henry
2012 Who is at the top? Wealth mobility over the life cycleHochguertel, Stefan; Ohlsson, Henry