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200460 Years of Bretton Woods – The Governance of the International Financial System – Looking AheadOesterreichische Nationalbank
2004Current Issues of Economic GrowthOesterreichische Nationalbank
2004he Transformation of the European Financial System – Where Do We Go? Where Should We Go?Oesterreichische Nationalbank
2005Macroeconomic Models and Forecasts for AustriaOesterreichische Nationalbank
2005Capital Taxation after EU EnlargementOesterreichische Nationalbank
2005A Constitutional Treaty for an Enlarged Europe: Institutional and Economic Implications for Economic and Monetary UnionOesterreichische Nationalbank
2006Strategies for Employment and Growth in AustriaOesterreichische Nationalbank
2006The European Integration Process: A Changing Environment for National Central BanksOesterreichische Nationalbank
2006New Regional Economics in Central European Economies: The Future of CENTROPEOesterreichische Nationalbank
2006Price Setting and Inflation Persistence in AustriaOesterreichische Nationalbank
2007Emerging Markets: Any Lessons for Southeastern Europe?Oesterreichische Nationalbank
2007From Bretton Woods to the Euro – Austria on the Road to European IntegrationOesterreichische Nationalbank
2008The Experience of Exchange Rate Regimes in Southeastern Europe in a Historical and Comparative PerspectiveOesterreichische Nationalbank
2009Dimensions of Inequality in the EU / Dimensionen der Ungleichheit in der EUOesterreichische Nationalbank
2009Recent Developments in the Baltic Countries – What Are the Lessons for Southeastern Europe?Oesterreichische Nationalbank
2009International Trade & Domestic Growth: Determinants, Linkages and ChallengesOesterreichische Nationalbank
2012Limited Fiscal Space in CESEE: Needs and Options for Post-Crisis Reform. 68th East Jour Fixe of the Oesterreichische NationalbankOesterreichische Nationalbank
2014Bretton Woods @ 70: Regaining Control of the International Monetary SystemOesterreichische Nationalbank
2015Asset-liability management with ultra-low interest ratesOesterreichische Nationalbank
2015Are House Prices Endangering Financial Stability? If so, How Can We Counteract This?Oesterreichische Nationalbank