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1999Der Einfluß der Direktdemokratie auf die SozialpolitikWagschal, Uwe; Obinger, Herbert
2000Determinanten der Konsolidierung und Expansion des Wohlfahrtsstaates im internationalen VergleichKittel, Bernhard; Obinger, Herbert; Wagschal, Uwe
2002Der Kampf um die Fristenlösung in der Schweiz: Ein Lehrstück konkordanzdemokratischer ÜberforderungGindulis, Edith; Obinger, Herbert
2002Political parties, institutions, and the dynamics of social expenditure in times of austerityKittel, Bernhard; Obinger, Herbert
2004Beyond resilience: Welfare state changes in Austria, Denmark, New Zealand and SwitzerlandObinger, Herbert; Leibfried, Stephan; Bogedan, Claudia; Gindulis, Edith; Moser, Julia
2005Prospects for a European welfare state: Lessons from welfare state development in six OECD-FederationsObinger, Herbert; Leibfried, Stephan; Castles, Francis G.
2005Selling off the family silver: the politics of privatization in the OECD 1990-2000Obinger, Herbert; Zohlnhöfer, Reimut
2006Towards more comprehensive measures of social support: adding in the impact of taxes and private Spending or netting out the impact of politics on redistribution?Castles, Francis G.; Obinger, Herbert
2009The retreat of the state from entrepreneurial activities: an extended surveyEtling, Andreas; Mause, Karsten; Obinger, Herbert; Schmitt, Carina; Schreeb, Katharina
2012Policy diffusion and social rights in advanced democracies 1960-2000Schmitt, Carina; Obinger, Herbert
2014Welfare state transformation: Convergence and the rise of the supply side modelObinger, Herbert; Starke, Peter
2014Mass warfare and the welfare: State causal mechanisms and effectsObinger, Herbert; Petersen, Klaus