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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Intrafirm Mobility and Sex Differences in PayOaxaca, Ronald L.; Ransom, Michael R.
2003 New Wine in Old Bottles: A Sequential Estimation Technique for the LPMHorrace, William C.; Oaxaca, Ronald L.
2003 Swimming Upstream, Floating Downstream: Comparing Women's Relative Wage Position in the U.S. and DenmarkGupta, Nabanita Datta; Oaxaca, Ronald L.; Smith, Nina
2004 Wage Differentials in the 1990s in Israel : Endowments, Discrimination, and SelectivityNeuman, Shoshana; Oaxaca, Ronald L.
2005 Sex differences in pay in a new monopsony model of the labor marketRansom, Michael R.; Oaxaca, Ronald L.
2006 A human capital model of the effects of abilities and family background on optimal schooling levelsRegan, Tracy L.; Burghardt, Galen; Oaxaca, Ronald L.
2006 The economics of dual job holding: a job portfolio model of labor supplyRenna, Francesco; Oaxaca, Ronald L.
2006 Statistical discrimination in labor markets: an experimental analysisDickinson, David L.; Oaxaca, Ronald L.
2006 Work experience as a source of specification error in earnings models: implications for gender wage decompositionsRegan, Tracy L.; Oaxaca, Ronald L.
2007 Do you receive a lighter prison sentence because you are a woman? An economic analysis of federal criminal sentencing guidelinesSarnikar, Supriya; Sorensen, Todd A.; Oaxaca, Ronald L.
2012 Movin' on up: Hierarchical occupational segmentation and gender wage gapsShatnawi, Dina; Oaxaca, Ronald L.; Ransom, Michael R.
2014 The effect of overtime regulations on employmentOaxaca, Ronald L.
2016 Gender Wage Gaps and Risky vs. Secure Employment: An Experimental AnalysisJung, Seeun; Choe, Chung; Oaxaca, Ronald L.
2016 Wage Decompositions Using Panel Data Sample Selection CorrectionOaxaca, Ronald L.; Choe, Chung
2017 Constrained vs Unconstrained Labor Supply: The Economics of Dual Job HoldingChoe, Chung; Oaxaca, Ronald L.; Renna, Francesco
2017 Identification and Decompositions in Probit and Logit ModelsChoe, Chung; Jung, Seeun; Oaxaca, Ronald L.
2019 Is There a Business Cycle Effect on the Incidence of Dual Job Holding?Choe, Chung; Oaxaca, Ronald L.; Renna, Francesco
2019 Raising the Overtime Premium and Reducing the Standard Workweek: Short-Run Impacts on U.S. ManufacturingSagyndykova, Galiya; Oaxaca, Ronald L.
2020 Income Taxation and Dual Job Labour SupplyChoe, Chung; Oaxaca, Ronald L.; Renna, Francesco