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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Gone for good? Determinants of school dropout in Southern ItalyO'Higgins, Niall; D'Amato, Marcello; Caroleo, Floro Ernesto; Barone, Adriana
2008 Eliciting motives for trust and reciprocity by attitudinal and behavioural measuresFarina, Francesco; O'Higgins, Niall; Sbriglia, Patrizia
2009 It's not that I'm a racist, it's that they are Roma: Roma discrimination and returns to education in South Eastern EuropeO'Higgins, Niall
2009 Fat and out in Salerno and Province: adolescent obesity and early school leaving in Southern ItalyBarone, Adriana; O'Higgins, Niall
2010 Youth labour markets in Europe and Central AsiaO'Higgins, Niall
2012 This time it's different? Youth labour markets during "the great recession"O'Higgins, Niall
2013 The Consequences of Cumulative Discrimination: How Special Schooling Influences Employment and Wages of Roma in the Czech RepublicO'Higgins, Niall; Br├╝ggemann, Christian
2013 Jailer of Freedom and Enemy of Growth? The Role of Personal and Social Identities in Educational ChoicesAutiero, Giuseppina; O'Higgins, Niall
2013 Ethnicity and Gender in the Labour Market in Central and South East EuropeO'Higgins, Niall
2015 Smoking, Drinking, Never Thinking of Tomorrow: Income and Risky Choices amongst Young Adults in the UKCoppola, Gianluigi; O'Higgins, Niall; Pinto, Claudio
2015 Gender Effects, Culture and Social Influence in the Dictator Game: An Italian StudyO'Higgins, Niall; Palomba, Arturo; Sbriglia, Patrizia
2015 Youth unemploymentO'Higgins, Niall
2016 Cooperation, Punishment and Organized Crime: A Lab-in-the-Field Experiment in Southern ItalyNese, Annamaria; O'Higgins, Niall; Sbriglia, Patrizia; Scudiero, Maurizio
2018 Evaluating Trust and Trustworthiness in Social Groups and NetworksO'Higgins, Niall; Mazzoni, Clelia; Sbriglia, Patrizia
2019 Complementarities between Labour Market Institutions and Their Causal Impact on Youth Labour Market OutcomesO'Higgins, Niall; Pica, Giovanni