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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1992 Environmental IndicatorsAlfsen, Knut H.; Brekke, Kjell Arne; Brunvoll, Frode; Lurås, Hilde; Nyborg, Karine
1993 "Green National Product": Good Intentions, Poor Device?Aaheim, Asbjørn; Nyborg, Karine
1994 Sufficient Welfare Indicators Allowing Disagreement in Evaluations of Social WelfareBrekke, Kjell Arne; Lurås, Hilde; Nyborg, Karine
1995 Project Evaluations and Decision ProcessesNyborg, Karine
1996 Some Norwegian Politicians' Use of Cost-Benefit AnalysisNyborg, Karine
1996 The Political Man and Contingent Valuation: Motives Do CountNyborg, Karine
1997 Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Democratic IdealNyborg, Karine; Spangen, Inger
1998 Non-Verifiable Emissions, Voluntary Agreements, and Emission TaxesNyborg, Karine
1998 Are there Social Limits to Growth?Brekke, Kjell Arne; Howarth, Richard B.; Nyborg, Karine
1998 The Assumption of Equal Marginal Utility of Income: How Much Does it Matter?Medin, Hege; Nyborg, Karine; Bateman, Ian
1999 The Welfare Effects of Carbon Policies: Grandfathered Quotas versus Differentiated TaxesBye, Brita; Nyborg, Karine
2000 The Evolution of Considerate Smoking BehaviorNyborg, Karine; Rege, Mari
2001 Does Public Policy Crowd Out Private Contributions to Public Goods?Nyborg, Karine; Rege, Mari
2002 On the value of households' recycling effortsBruvoll, Annegrete; Nyborg, Karine
2003 Green consumers and public policy: On socially contingent moral motivationNyborg, Karine; Howarth, Richard B.; Brekke, Kjell Arne
2003 The role of warnings in regulation: Keeping control with less punishmentNyborg, Karine; Telle, Kjetil
2004 Moral hazard and moral motivation: Corporate social responsibility as labor market screeningBrekke, Kjell Arne; Nyborg, Karine
2004 A dissolving paradox: Firms' compliance to environmental regulationNyborg, Karine; Telle, Kjetil
2005 The fear of exclusion: Individual effort when group formation is endogenousBrekke, Kjell Arne; Nyborg, Karine; Rege, Mari
2007 Reluctant recyclers: Social interaction in responsibility ascriptionBrekke, Kjell Arne; Kipperberg, Gorm; Nyborg, Karine