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2004 Technological revolution and economic growth: The "age of steam" reconsideredCastaldi, Carolina; Nuvolari, Alessandro
2006 "Chariots of fire": The evolution of tank technology, 1915-1945Castaldi, Carolina; Fontana, Roberto; Nuvolari, Alessandro
2008 Habakkuk revisited: a history friendly model of American and British technology in the nineteenth centuryFontana, Roberto; Guerzoni, Marco; Nuvolari, Alessandro
2010 Bennet Woodcroft and the value of English patents, 1617-1841Nuvolari, Alessandro; Tartari, Valentina
2010 Patents and industrialization: An historical overview of the British case, 1624-1907MacLeod, Christine; Nuvolari, Alessandro
2011 Knowledge sharing among inventors: Some historical perspectivesBessen, James; Nuvolari, Alessandro
2011 Economic growth in England, 1250-1850: Some new estimates using a demand side approachNuvolari, Alessandro
2011 The early diffusion of the steam engine in Britain, 1700-1800: A reappraisalNuvolari, Alessandro; Verspagen, Bart; Von Tunzelmann, Nick
2012 Inventors, patents and invenctive activities in the English brewing industry, 1634-1850Nuvolari, Alessandro; Summer, James
2013 Independent invention in Italy during the liberal age, 1861-1913Nuvolari, Alessandro; Vasta, Michelangelo
2013 Intellectual property protection in plan varieties: A new worldwide index (1961-2011)Campi, Mercedes; Nuvolari, Alessandro
2014 Technical change, non-tariff barriers, and the development of the Italian locomotive industry, 1850-1913Ciccarelli, Carlo; Nuvolari, Alessandro
2016 Rethinking age-heaping: A cautionary tale from nineteenth century ItalyA'Hearn, Brian; Delfino, Alexia; Nuvolari, Alessandro
2016 Institutions are neither autistic maximizers nor flocks of birds: Self-organization, power, and learning in human organizationsDosi, Giovanni; Marengo, Luigi; Nuvolari, Alessandro
2017 Difusing new technology without dissipating rents: Some historical case studies of knowledge sharingBessen, James; Nuvolari, Alessandro
2019 Technical progress and structural change: A long-term viewNuvolari, Alessandro; Russo, Emanuele
2020 Intellectual property rights and agricultural development: Evidence from a worldwide index of IPRs in agriculture (1961-2018)Campi, Mercedes; Nuvolari, Alessandro
2020 Patterns of innovation during the Industrial Revolution: A reappraisal using a composite indicator of patent qualityNuvolari, Alessandro; Tartari, Valentina; Tranchero, Matteo
2022 Digitalization, copyright and innovation in the creative industries: An agent-based modelMartinelli, Arianna; Nuvolari, Alessandro; Palagi, Elisa; Russo, Emanuele