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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Financial frictions and the monetary transmission mechanism: theory, evidence and policy implicationsBean, Charles; Larsen, Jens D. J.; Nikolov, Kalin
2012 A model of borrower reputation as intangible collateralNikolov, Kalin
2012 Bubbles, banks and financial stabilityAoki, Kosuke; Nikolov, Kalin
2014 Collateral amplification under complete marketsNikolov, Kalin
2015 Capital regulation in a macroeconomic model with three layers of defaultDerviz, Alexis; Mendicino, Caterina; Moyen, Stéphane; Nikolov, Kalin; Stracca, Livio; Clerk, Laurent; Suarez, Javier; Vardoulakis, Alexandros P.
2017 Equity versus bail-in debt in banking: an agency perspectiveMendicino, Caterina; Nikolov, Kalin; Suarez, Javier
2018 Government debt and banking fragility: The spreading of strategic uncertaintyCooper, Russell W.; Nikolov, Kalin
2018 Benefits and costs of liquidity regulationHoerova, Marie; Mendicino, Caterina; Nikolov, Kalin; Schepens, Glenn; Van den Heuvel, Skander
2019 Bank capital in the short and in the long runMendicino, Caterina; Nikolov, Kalin; Suárez, Javier; Supera, Dominik
2020 Macroprudential policy measures: Macroeconomic impact and interaction with monetary policyCozzi, Guido; Darracq Pariès, Matthieu; Karadi, Peter; Körner, Jenny; Kok Sørensen, Christoffer; Mazelis, Falk; Nikolov, Kalin; Rancoita, Elena; Van der Ghote, Alejandro; Weber, Julien
2020 Twin default crisesMendicino, Caterina; Nikolov, Kalin; Rubio-Ramírez, Juan Francisco; Suárez, Javier; Supera, Dominik