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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Gender pay gap and quantile regression in European familiesNicodemo, Catia
2009 Child-care and participation in the labor market for married women in mediterranean countriesNicodemo, Catia; Waldmann, Robert
2010 The contribution of social transfers to the reduction of povertyLongford, Nicholas T.; Nicodemo, Catia
2011 Wage differentials between native and immigrant women in Spain: Accounting for differences in the supportsNicodemo, Catia; Ramos, Raul
2012 Vocational high school or vocational college? Comparing the transitions from school to workLopez-Mayan, Cristina; Nicodemo, Catia
2012 Change in the distribution of house prices across Spanish citiesNicodemo, Catia; Raya, Josep M.
2012 Random or referral hiring: When social connections matterNicodemo, Catia; Nicolini, Rosella
2012 The gender pay gap in the Australian private sector: Is selection relevant across the wage distribution?Chzhen, Yekaterina; Mumford, Karen A.; Nicodemo, Catia
2013 Immigration and labor productivity: New empirical evidence for SpainNicodemo, Catia
2013 Job search channels, neighborhood effects and wages inequality in developing countries: The Colombian caseGarcía, Gustavo; Nicodemo, Catia
2015 The Effects of Immigration on NHS Waiting TimesGiuntella, Osea; Nicodemo, Catia; Vargas-Silva, Carlos
2016 Immigration and the Reallocation of Work Health RisksGiuntella, Osea; Mazzonna, Fabrizio; Nicodemo, Catia; Vargas-Silva, Carlos
2018 Immigration and the Reallocation of Work Health RisksGiuntella, Osea; Mazzonna, Fabrizio; Nicodemo, Catia; Vargas-Silva, Carlos
2018 Does Juan Carlos or Nelson Obtain a Larger Price Cut in the Spanish Housing Market?Nicodemo, Catia; Raya, Josep M.
2019 Modelling the Dynamic Effects of Elective Hospital Admissions on Emergency Levels in EnglandJiménez-Martín, Sergi; Nicodemo, Catia; Redding, Stuart
2019 Does Unemployment Worsen Babies' Health? A Tale of Siblings, Maternal Behaviour and SelectionDe Cao, Elisabetta; McCormick, Barry; Nicodemo, Catia
2019 Immigration and Work-Related Injuries: Evidence from Italian Administrative DataAlacevich, Caterina; Nicodemo, Catia
2020 Exploratory Data Analysis on Large Data Sets: The Example of Salary Variation in Spanish Social Security DataNicodemo, Catia; Satorra, Albert
2020 Exploring the Relationship between Care Homes and Excess Deaths in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from ItalyAlacevich, Caterina; Cavalli, Nicolò; Giuntella, Osea; Lagravinese, Raffaele; Moscone, Francesco; Nicodemo, Catia
2020 Discountinous System of Allowances: The Response of Prosocial Health-Care ProfessionalsHernandez-Pizarro, Helena; Nicodemo, Catia; Casasnovas, Guillem López