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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Noisy commitments: the impact of information accuracy on efficiencyErt, Eyal; Nicklisch, Andreas
2006 Wage differentials, fairness and social comparison: an experimental study of the co-employment of permanent and temporary agency workersAlewell, Dorothea; Nicklisch, Andreas
2006 Ex interim voting in public good provisionFischer, Sven; Nicklisch, Andreas
2006 Perceiving strategic environments: an experimental study of learning under minimal informationNicklisch, Andreas
2007 The (de)composition of firms: interdependent preferences of corporate actorsNicklisch, Andreas
2007 Competition in product design: an experiment exploring innovation behaviorCantner, Uwe; Güth, Werner; Nicklisch, Andreas; Weiland, Torsten
2008 Inequity aversion, reciprocity, and appropriateness in the ultimatum-revenge gameNicklisch, Andreas
2008 Semi-collusive advertising and pricing in experimental duopoliesNicklisch, Andreas
2008 Reciprocity and status in a virtual field experimentNicklisch, Andreas; Salz, Tobias
2009 Leading with(out) sacrifice? A public-goods experiment with a super-additive playerGlöckner, Andreas; Irlenbusch, Bernd; Kube, Sebastian; Nicklisch, Andreas; Normann, Hans-Theo
2009 Cooperation norms in multiple-stage punishmentNicklisch, Andreas; Wolff, Ireneus
2010 The benefits of latent payback in social dilemmasGlöckner, Andreas; Kube, Sebastian; Nicklisch, Andreas
2010 Punishment despite reasonable doubt: A public goods experiment with uncertainty over contributionsGrechenig, Kristoffel; Nicklisch, Andreas; Thöni, Christian
2011 The joint benefits of observed and unobserved punishment: Comment to unobserved punishment supports cooperationGlöckner, Andreas; Kube, Sebastian; Nicklisch, Andreas
2013 On the impulse in impulse learningDing, Jieyao; Nicklisch, Andreas
2013 Strategic Choices for Redistribution and the Veil of Ignorance: Theory and Experimental EvidenceGerber, Anke; Nicklisch, Andreas; Voigt, Stefan
2014 Testing the endowment effect for default rulesMarcin, Isabel; Nicklisch, Andreas
2014 The Social Value of Transparency and Accountability: Experimental Evidence from Asymmetric Public Good GamesKhadjavi, Menusch; Lange, Andreas; Nicklisch, Andreas
2016 Information-sensitive leviathansNicklisch, Andreas; Grechenig, Kristoffel; Thoeni, Christian
2016 What goes around, comes around: Experimental evidence on exposed liesMörtenhuber, Sarah; Nicklisch, Andreas; Schnapp, Kai-Uwe