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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Some shocking aspects of EMU enlargementFrenkel, Michael; Nickel, Christiane; Schmidt, Günter
2005 Fiscal consolidations in the Central and Eastern European countriesAfonso, António; Nickel, Christiane; Rother, Philipp
2006 Does fiscal policy matter for the trade account? A panel cointegration studyFunke, Katja; Nickel, Christiane
2007 Assessing fiscal soundness - Theory and practiceGiammarioli, Nicola; Nickel, Christiane; Rother, Philipp; Vidal, Jean-Pierre
2008 Fiscal policies, the current account and Ricardian equivalenceNickel, Christiane; Vansteenkiste, Isabel
2008 Population ageing and public pension reforms in a small open economyNickel, Christiane; Rother, Philipp; Theophilopoulou, Angeliki
2009 The impact of extreme weather events on budget balances and implications for fiscal policyLis, Eliza M.; Nickel, Christiane
2009 Fiscal variables and bond spreads: evidence from eastern European countries and TurkeyNickel, Christiane; Rother, Philipp; Rülke, Jan C.
2009 What explains the surge in euro area sovereign spreads during the financial crisis of 2007-09?Attinasi, Maria-Grazia; Checherita-Westphal, Cristina; Nickel, Christiane
2009 The role of fiscal transfers for regional economic convergence in EuropeChecherita-Westphal, Cristina; Nickel, Christiane; Rother, Philipp
2010 Major public debt reductions: Lessons from the past, lessons for the futureNickel, Christiane; Rother, Philipp; Zimmermann, Lilli
2013 Fiscal stimulus in times of high debt: reconsidering multipliers and twin deficitsNickel, Christiane; Tudyka, Andreas
2014 Signalling fiscal stress in the euro area - a country-specific early warning systemHernández de Cos, Pablo; Koester, Gerrit B.; Moral-Benito, Enrique; Nickel, Christiane
2017 Demographics and inflationBobeica, Elena; Nickel, Christiane; Lis, Eliza; Sun, Yiqiao
2019 Understanding low wage growth in the euro area and European countriesNickel, Christiane; Bobeica, Elena; Koester, Gerrit; Lis, Eliza Magdalena; Porqueddu, Mario
2019 The impact of global value chains onthe euro area economyDorrucci, Ettore; Gunnella, Vanessa; Al-Haschimi, Alexander; Benkovskis, Konstantins; Chiacchio, Francesco; de Soyres, François; Di Lupidio, Benedetta; Fidora, Michael; Franco-Bedoya, Sebastian; Frohm, Erik; Gradeva, Katerina; López-García, Paloma; Koester, Gerrit; Nickel, Christiane; Osbat, Chiara; Pavlova, Elena; Schmitz, Martin; Schroth, Joachim; Skudelny, Frauke; Tagliabracci, Alex; Vaccarino, Elena; Wörz, Julia; ECB Working Group on Global Value Chains
2020 Demographics and inflation in the euro area: A two-sector new Keynesian perspectiveLis, Eliza Magdalena; Nickel, Christiane; Papetti, Andrea