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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011 Are spatial networks of firms random? Evidence from VietnamHoward, Emma; Newman, Carol; Thijssen, Jacco
2011 Industry switching in developing countriesNewman, Carol; Rand, John; Tarp, Finn
2012 Measuring industry agglomeration and identifying the driving forcesHoward, Emma; Newman, Carol; Tarp, Finn
2012 Social capital, network effects and savings in rural VietnamNewman, Carol; Tarp, Finn; Van Den Broeck, Katleen
2014 Exporting and productivity: The role of ownership and innovation in the case of VietnamNewman, Carol; Rand, John; Tarp, Finn; Nguyen Thi Tue Anh
2014 Productivity-enhancing manufacturing clusters: Evidence from VietnamHoward, Emma; Newman, Carol; Rand, John; Tarp, Finn
2014 Learning by exporting: The case of Mozambican manufacturingCruz, Antonio; Newman, Carol; Rand, John; Tarp, Finn
2014 Clustering, competition, and spillover effects: Evidence from CambodiaChhair, Sokty; Newman, Carol
2015 Connections and the allocation of public benefitsNewman, Carol; Zhang, Mengyang
2015 Children and the youth in rural Viet NamNarciso, Gaia; Newman, Carol
2015 Social capital, political connections, and household enterprises: Evidence from VietnamKinghan, Christina; Newman, Carol
2015 Economic transformation and the diversification of livelihoods in rural Viet NamNewman, Carol; Kinghan, Christina
2015 Gender inequality and the empowerment of women in rural Viet NamNewman, Carol
2016 Manufacturing Transformation: Comparative Studies of Industrial Development in Africa and Emerging AsiaNewman, Carol; Page, John; Rand, John; Shimeles, Abebe; Söderbom, Måns; Tarp, Finn
2016 The role and effectiveness of Special Economic Zones in TanzaniaKinyondo, Abel; Newman, Carol; Tarp, Finn
2016 Corporate social responsibility in a competitive business environmentNewman, Carol; Rand, John; Tarp, Finn; Trifkovic, Neda
2016 Imports, supply chains, and firm productivityNewman, Carol; Rand, John; Tarp, Finn
2016 The transmission of socially responsible behaviour through international tradeNewman, Carol; Rand, John; Tarp, Finn; Trifkovic, Neda
2016 Total factor productivity in South African manufacturing firmsKreuser, Friedrich; Newman, Carol
2017 Industrial clusters: The case for Special Economic Zones in AfricaNewman, Carol; Page, John M.