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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Sales and consumer inventoryHendel, Igal; Nevo, Aviv
2004 Inter-temporal substitution and storable productsHendel, Igal; Nevo, Aviv
2004 The post-promotion dip puzzle: What do the data have to say?Hendel, Igal; Nevo, Aviv
2006 Why does the average price paid fall during high demand periods?Nevo, Aviv; Hatzitaskos, Konstantinos
2006 Empirical models of imperfect competition: A discussionEinav, Liran; Nevo, Aviv
2006 The pricing of academic journalsNevo, Aviv; Rubinfeld, Daniel L.; McCabe, Mark
2007 An approach for extending dynamic structural models to multi-product firmsNevo, Aviv; Rossi, Federico
2007 The relative performance of real estate marketing platforms: MLS versus FSBOMadison.comHendel, Igal; Nevo, Aviv; Ortalo-Magné, François
2008 Identification with imperfect instrumentsNevo, Aviv; Rosen, Adam M.
2008 Timing and quantity of consumer purchases and the consumer price indexGriffith, Rachel; Leibtag, Ephraim; Leicester, Andrew; Nevo, Aviv
2008 Not-so-classical measurement errors: A validation study of homescanEinav, Liran; Leibtag, Ephraim; Nevo, Aviv
2008 Identification with imperfect instrumentsNevo, Aviv; Rosen, Adam
2010 Taking the dogma out of econometrics: Structural modeling and credible inferenceNevo, Aviv; Whinston, Michael
2010 Recent developments in empirical IO: Dynamic demand and dynamic gamesAguirregabiria, Victor; Nevo, Aviv
2010 Empirical models of consumer behaviorNevo, Aviv
2011 Intertemporal price discrimination in storable goods marketsHendel, Igal; Nevo, Aviv
2013 Mergers when prices are negotiated: Evidence from the hospital industryGowrisankaran, Gautam; Nevo, Aviv; Town, Robert
2013 Do prices and attributes explain international differences in food purchases?Dubois, Pierre; Griffith, Rachel; Nevo, Aviv
2013 Usage-based pricing and demand for residential broadbandNevo, Aviv; Turner, John L.; Williams, Jonathan W.