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2000Nonparametric comparison of regression curves - an empirical process approachDette, Holger; Neumeyer, Natalie
2000Nonparametric analysis of covarianceDette, Holger; Neumeyer, Natalie
2001Testing symmetry in nonparametric regression modelsDette, Holger; Kusi-Appiah, Sorina; Neumeyer, Natalie
2002A note on one-sided nonparametric analysis of covariance by ranking residualsNeumeyer, Natalie; Dette, Holger
2003A simple nonparametric estimator of a monotone regression functionDette, Holger; Neumeyer, Natalie; Pilz, Kay F.
2003A note on nonparametric estimation of the effective dose in quantal bioassayDette, Holger; Neumeyer, Natalie; Pilz, Kay F.
2003Testing for symmetric error distribution in nonparametric regression modelsNeumeyer, Natalie; Dette, Holger
2003A note on testing symmetry of the error distribution in linear regression modelsNeumeyer, Natalie; Dette, Holger; Nagel, Eva-Renate
2003Comparison of separable components in different samplesNeumeyer, Natalie; Sperlich, Stefan
2004Nonparametric Analysis of Covariance : the Case of Inhomogeneous and Heteroscedastic NoiseScholz, Achim; Neumeyer, Natalie; Munk, Axel
2004Bootstrap tests for the error distribution in linear and nonparametric regression modelsNagel, Eva-Renate; Dette, Holger; Neumeyer, Natalie
2005Empirical likelihood estimators for the error distribution in nonparametric regression modelsKiwitt, Sebastian; Nagel, Eva-Renate; Neumeyer, Natalie
2005Estimating a bivariate density when there are extra data on one or both componentsHall, Peter; Neumeyer, Natalie
2005A note on uniform consistency of monotone function estimatorsNeumeyer, Natalie
2005The Two-Sample Problem with Regression Errors : An Empirical Process ApproachMora, Juan; Neumeyer, Natalie
2011Testing multivariate economic restrictions using quantiles: The example of Slutsky negative semidefinitenessDette, Holger; Hoderlein, Stefan; Neumeyer, Natalie