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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1995 Finanzverfassung und Staatsgewalt in der Demokratie: Ein Beitrag zur konstitutionellen FinanztheorieNeumärker, Karl Justus Bernhard
2003 The Role of Beliefs for the Sustainability of the Fiscal ConstitutionNeumärker, Karl Justus Bernhard; Pech, Gerald
2018 Challenges for sustainable environmental policy: Influencing factors of the rebound effect in energy efficiency improvementsBlum, Bianca; Hübner, Julian; Müller, Sarah; Neumärker, Karl Justus Bernhard
2018 On the evidence of rebound effects in the lighting sector: Implications for promoting LED lightingBlum, Bianca; Hübner, Julian; Milde, Adrian; Neumärker, Karl Justus Bernhard
2018 Libertarian paternalistic instruments fostering sustainable energy consumption: An analysis based on energy-efficient LED technologyBlum, Bianca; Hübner, Julian; Berger, Harald; Neumärker, Karl Justus Bernhard
2020 Globalization, environmental damage and the Corona pandemic: Lessons from the crisis for economic, environmental and social policyBlum, Bianca; Neumärker, Karl Justus Bernhard
2021 Die Gegenfinanzierung des Netto-Grundeinkommens in Zeiten schuldenfinanzierter Hilfsmaßnahmen während der Corona-KriseNeumärker, Karl Justus Bernhard; Blum, Bianca; Yalcin, Burhan; Yalcin, Sema
2021 The counterfinancing of the net basic income in times of debt-financed relief measures during the Corona crisisNeumärker, Karl Justus Bernhard; Blum, Bianca; Yalcin, Burhan; Yalcin, Sema