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1968 The Effective Exchange Rate, Employment and Growth in a Foreign Exchange Constrained EconomyNelson, Richard R.
1970 Governmental Support of an Advanced Civilian Technology - Power Reactors and the Supersonic TransportEads, George; Nelson, Richard R.
1970 The Technology Gap and National Science PolicyNelson, Richard R.
1971 Issues and Suggestions for the Study of Industrial Organization in a Regime of Rapid Technical ChangeNelson, Richard R.
1971 Less Developed Countries, Technology Transfer and Adaptation, and the Role of the National Science CommunityNelson, Richard R.
1973 Technological Change and Factor Mix over the Product Cycle: A Model of Dynamic Comparative AdvantageNelson, Richard R.; Norman, Victor D.
2002 On the uneven evolution of human know-howNelson, Richard R.
2003 The market economy, and the scientific commonsNelson, Richard R.
2003 On the complexities and limits of market organizationNelson, Richard R.
2005 The roles of research at universities and public labs in economic catch-upMazzoleni, Roberto; Nelson, Richard R.
2005 Bounded rationality, cognitive maps, and trial and error learningNelson, Richard R.
2006 What makes an economy productive and progressive? What are the needed institutions?Nelson, Richard R.
2006 Reflections on "The simple economics of basic scientific research": Looking back and looking forwardsNelson, Richard R.
2006 Institutions and policies shaping industrial development: An introductory noteCimoli, Mario; Dosi, Giovanni; Nelson, Richard R.; Stiglitz, Joseph
2007 Preface to the Japanese translation of 'An evolutionary theory of economic change'Nelson, Richard R.; Winter, Sidney G.
2009 Technical change and industrial dynamics as evolutionary processesDosi, Giovanni; Nelson, Richard R.
2017 Economics from an evolutionary perspectiveNelson, Richard R.