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1995Incentive-Compatibility in Large GamesNehring, Klaus
1996Preference for Flexibility and Freedom of Choice in a Savage FrameworkNehring, Klaus
1996Global Identifiability Under Uncorrelated ResidualsNehring, Klaus; Wegge, Leon
1997Extended Partial Orders: A Unifying Structure for Abstract Choice TheoryNehring, Klaus; Demiralp, Selva; Puppe, Clemens
1997A Theory of Qualitative SimilarityNehring, Klaus; Hanson, Gordon H.; Llavador, Humberto G.
1997Epistemic Foundations of Solution Concepts in Game Theory: An IntroductionBonanno, Giacomo; Nehring, Klaus
1997Agreeing to Disagree: A SurveyBonanno, Giacomo; Nehring, Klaus
1997On the Multi-Preference Approach to Evaluating OpportunitiesNehring, Klaus; Puppe, Clemens; Hamilton, James D.
1997A Theory of Rational Choice Under Complete IgnoranceNehring, Klaus; Marcellino, Massimiliano
1997Capacities and Probabilistic Beliefs: A Precarious CoexistenceMagill, Michael; Nehring, Klaus; Betts, Julian R.
1997Introduction to the Semantics of Belief and Common BeliefBonanno, Giacomo; Nehring, Klaus
1998Monotonicity Implies Strategy-Proofness for CorrespondencesNehring, Klaus; Marcellino, Massimiliano
1998Incentive-Compatible and Efficient Resource Allocation in Large Economies: An Exact and Local ApproachDellas, Harris; Nehring, Klaus
1999Varieties of Interpersonal Compatibility of BeliefsBonanno, Giacomo; Nehring, Klaus; Marcellino, Massimiliano
2000Trust and reciprocity in the investment game with indirect rewardGüth, Werner; Königstein, Manfred; Marchand, Nadège; Nehring, Klaus
2013Unanimity overruled: Majority voting and the burden of historyNehring, Klaus; Pivato, Marcus; Puppe, Clemens
2013The Condorcet set: Majority voting over interconnected propositionsNehring, Klaus; Pivato, Marcus; Puppe, Clemens
2019Resource allocation by frugal majority ruleNehring, Klaus; Puppe, Clemens
2022Condorcet solutions in frugal models of budget allocationNehring, Klaus; Puppe, Clemens
2023Multi-dimensional social choice under frugal information: The Tukey median as Condorcet winner ex ante byNehring, Klaus; Puppe, Clemens