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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Is Africa a Net Creditor? New Estimates of Capital Flight from Severely Indebted Sub-Saharan African Countries, 1970-1996Boyce, James K.; Ndikumana, Léonce
2001 Overcoming the fiscal crisis of the African StateAddison, Tony; Ndikumana, Léonce
2001 Fiscal policy, conflict, and reconstruction in Burundi and RwandaNdikumana, Léonce
2002 Additionality of debt relief and debt forgiveness, and implications for future volumes of official assistanceNdikumana, Léonce
2002 Public Debts and Private Assets: Explaining Capital Flight from Sub-Saharan African CountriesNdikumana, Léonce; Boyce, James K.
2003 Financial Development, Financial Structure, and Domestic Investment: International EvidenceNdikumana, Léonce
2005 Distributional conflict, the state, and peacebuilding in BurundiNdikumana, Léonce
2005 Distributional conflict, the state, and peace building in BurundiNdikumana, Léonce
2005 Can macroeconomic policy stimulate private investment in South Africa? New insights from aggregate and manufacturing sector-level evidenceNdikumana, Léonce
2007 Reserves accumulation in African countries: Sources, motivations, and effectsElhiraika, Adam; Ndikumana, Léonce
2007 The growth effects of openness to trade and the role of institutions: New evidence from African countriesBaliamoune-Lutz, Mina; Ndikumana, Léonce
2008 The linkages between FDI and domestic investment: unravelling the developmental impact of foreign investment in Sub-Saharan AfricaNdikumana, Léonce; Verick, Sher
2008 Corruption and growth: Exploring the investment channelBaliamoune-Lutz, Mina; Ndikumana, Léonce
2013 Impact of sectoral allocation of foreign aid on gender equity and human developmentPickbourn, Lynda; Ndikumana, Léonce
2016 Capital flight and foreign direct investment in Africa: An investigation of the role of natural resource endowmentNdikumana, Léonce; Sarr, Mare
2019 Capital flight, foreign direct investment and natural resources in AfricaNdikumana, Léonce; Sarr, Mare
2019 Impact of development aid on infant mortality: Micro-level evidence from Côte d'IvoireWayoro, Didier; Ndikumana, Léonce
2020 Unit labor costs and manufacturing sector performance in AfricaNaidoo, Karmen; Ndikumana, Léonce