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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 Geography and development in Africa: Overview and implications for regional cooperationNaudé, Wim
2007 Peace, prosperity and pro-growth entrepreneurshipNaudé, Wim
2007 The geographical location of manufacturing exporters in South AfricaNaudé, Wim; Matthee, Marianne
2007 The determinants of regional manufactured exports from a developing countryMatthee, Marianne; Naudé, Wim
2007 Export diversity and regional growth: Empirical evidence from South AfricaMatthee, Marianne; Naudé, Wim
2008 Export diversification and specialization in South Africa: Extent and impactNaudé, Wim; Rossouw, Riaan
2008 Foreign direct investment and trade in the Southern African development communityBezuidenhout, Henri; Naudé, Wim
2008 Entrepreneurship and regional economic growth: Towards a general theory of start-upsGries, Thomas; Naudé, Wim
2008 Entrepreneurship and structural economic transformationGries, Thomas; Naudé, Wim
2008 Entrepreneurship in economic developmentNaudé, Wim
2008 Measuring the vulnerability of subnational regionsNaudé, Wim; McGillivray, Mark; Rossouw, Stephanié
2008 The optimal distance to port for exporting firmsGries, Thomas; Naudé, Wim; Matthee, Marianne
2008 Conflict, disasters and no jobs: Reasons for international migration from Sub-Saharan AfricaNaudé, Wim
2009 The global economic crisis: Towards syndrome-free recovery for AfricaFosu, Augustin Kwasi; Naudé, Wim
2009 The financial crisis of 2008 and the developing countriesNaudé, Wim
2009 Fallacies about the Global Financial Crisis Harms Recovery in the Poorest CountriesNaudé, Wim
2009 Early international entrepreneurship in China: Extent and determinantsNaudé, Wim; Rossouw, Stephanié
2009 Rushing in where angels fear to tread?: The early internationalization of indigenous Chinese firmsNaudé, Wim
2009 When to start a new firm? Modelling the timing of novice and serial entrepreneursGries, Thomas; Naudé, Wim
2009 Entrepreneurship is not a binding constraint on growth and development in the poorest countriesNaudé, Wim