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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 Peace, prosperity and pro-growth entrepreneurshipNaudé, Wim
2007 Geography and development in Africa: Overview and implications for regional cooperationNaudé, Wim
2007 Export diversity and regional growth: Empirical evidence from South AfricaMatthee, Marianne; Naudé, Wim
2007 The determinants of regional manufactured exports from a developing countryMatthee, Marianne; Naudé, Wim
2007 The geographical location of manufacturing exporters in South AfricaNaudé, Wim; Matthee, Marianne
2008 Entrepreneurship and structural economic transformationGries, Thomas; Naudé, Wim
2008 Export diversification and specialization in South Africa: Extent and impactNaudé, Wim; Rossouw, Riaan
2008 Foreign direct investment and trade in the Southern African development communityBezuidenhout, Henri; Naudé, Wim
2008 Entrepreneurship and regional economic growth: Towards a general theory of start-upsGries, Thomas; Naudé, Wim
2008 Entrepreneurship in economic developmentNaudé, Wim
2008 Measuring the vulnerability of subnational regionsNaudé, Wim; McGillivray, Mark; Rossouw, Stephanié
2008 Conflict, disasters and no jobs: Reasons for international migration from Sub-Saharan AfricaNaudé, Wim
2008 The optimal distance to port for exporting firmsGries, Thomas; Naudé, Wim; Matthee, Marianne
2009 The financial crisis of 2008 and the developing countriesNaudé, Wim
2009 The global economic crisis: Towards syndrome-free recovery for AfricaFosu, Augustin Kwasi; Naudé, Wim
2009 Rushing in where angels fear to tread?: The early internationalization of indigenous Chinese firmsNaudé, Wim
2009 Early international entrepreneurship in China: Extent and determinantsNaudé, Wim; Rossouw, Stephanié
2009 When to start a new firm? Modelling the timing of novice and serial entrepreneursGries, Thomas; Naudé, Wim
2009 Out with the sleaze, in with the ease: Insufficient for entrepreneurial development?Naudé, Wim
2009 Entrepreneurship is not a binding constraint on growth and development in the poorest countriesNaudé, Wim