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2013Do Inventors Talk to Strangers? On Proximity and Collaborative Knowledge CreationCrescenzi, Riccardo; Nathan, Max; Rodríguez-Pose, Andrés
2013Top Team Demographics, Innovation And Business Performance: Findings From English Firms And Cities, 2008-9Nathan, Max
2013The Wider Economic Impacts of High-Skilled Migrants: A Survey of the LiteratureNathan, Max
2014The wider economic impacts of high-skilled migrants: A survey of the literature for receiving countriesNathan, Max
2014Mapping 'Information Economy' Businesses with Big Data: Findings for the UKNathan, Max; Rosso, Anna; Bouet, Francois
2014Top Team Diversity and Business Performance: Latent Class Analysis for Firms and CitiesNathan, Max
2016Terraforming Tech City: Place branding and spatial imaginaries in inner East LondonNathan, Max; Vandore, Emma; Voss, Georgina
2017Using Crunchbase to explore innovative ecosystems in the US and UKKemeny, Tom; Nathan, Max; Almeer, Bader
2018Creative differences? Measuring creative economy employment in the US and UK using microdataKemeny, Tom; Nathan, Max; O'Brien, Dave
2018Incubators, Accelerators and Regional Economic DevelopmentMadaleno, Margarida; Nathan, Max; Overman, Henry; Waights, Sevrin
2018Creative Differences? Measuring Creative Economy Employment in the US and UK Using MicrodataKemeny, Tom; Nathan, Max; O'Brien, Dave
2019Innovative EventsNathan, Max; Rosso, Anna
2019Does Light Touch Cluster Policy Work? Evaluating the Tech City ProgrammeNathan, Max
2019Innovative eventsNathan, Max; Rosso, Anna