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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003PPP Strikes Back: Aggregation and the Real Exchange RateImbs, Jean; Mumtaz, Haroon; Ravn, Morten O.; Rey, Helene
2007U.S. evolving macroeconomic dynamics: a structural investigationBenati, Luca; Mumtaz, Haroon
2008Time-Varying Yield Curve Dynamics and Monetary PolicyMumtaz, Haroon; Surico, Paolo
2009International comovements, business cycle and inflation: A historical perspectiveMumtaz, Haroon; Simonelli, Saverio; Surico, Paolo
2011What lies beneath? A time-varying FAVAR model for the UK transmission mechanismMumtaz, Haroon; Zabczyk, Pawel; Ellis, Colin
2012Changes in the effects of monetary policy on disaggregate price dynamicsBaumeister, Christiane; Liu, Philip; Mumtaz, Haroon
2013Policy uncertainty and aggregate fluctuationsMumtaz, Haroon; Surico, Paolo
2013The impact of uncertainty shocks under measurement error: A proxy SVAR approachCarriero, Andrea; Mumtaz, Haroon; Theodoridis, Konstantinos; Theophilopoulou, Angeliki
2014Financial conditions and density forecasts for US output and inflationAlessandri, Piergiorgio; Mumtaz, Haroon
2014The changing transmission of uncertainty shocks in the US: An empirical analysisMumtaz, Haroon; Theodoridis, Konstantinos
2014Fat-tails in VAR modelsChiu, Ching Wai Jeremy; Mumtaz, Haroon; Pinter, Gabor
2014What do VARs tell us about the impact of a credit supply shock? An empirical analysisMumtaz, Haroon; Pinter, Gabor; Theodoridis, Konstantinos
2014Financial regimes and uncertainty shocksAlessandri, Piergiorgio; Mumtaz, Haroon
2015Monetary Policy and Inequality in the UKMumtaz, Haroon; Theophilopoulou, Angeliki
2015Global economic divergence and portfolio capital flows to emerging marketsMandalinci, Zeyyad; Mumtaz, Haroon
2015What do VARs tell us about the impact of a credit supply shock?Mumtaz, Haroon; Pinter, Gabor; Theodoridis, Konstantinos
2015Common and country specific economic uncertaintyMumtaz, Haroon; Theodoridis, Konstantinos
2015Dynamic effects of monetary policy shocks on macroeconomic volatilityMumtaz, Haroon; Theodoridis, Konstantinos
2016The evolving transmission of uncertainty shocks in the United KingdomMumtaz, Haroon
2016The state level impact of uncertainty shocksMumtaz, Haroon; Sunder-Plassmann, Laura; Theophilopoulou, Angeliki