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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 The Gender Earnings Gap in BritainMumford, Karen; Smith, Peter N.
2004 Job Tenure in Britain : Employee Characteristics Versus Workplace EffectsMumford, Karen; Smith, Peter N.
2004 Employee Training and Wage Compression in BritainAlmeida-Santos, Filipe; Mumford, Karen
2005 Labour supply and childcare for British mothers in two-parent families: a structural approachParera-Nicolau, Antonia; Mumford, Karen
2005 Family-friendly work practices in Britain: availability and perceived accessibilityBudd, John W.; Mumford, Karen
2006 The gender wage gap in four countriesDaly, Anne; Kawaguchi, Akira; Meng, Xin; Mumford, Karen
2006 Employee training, wage dispersion and equality in BritainAlmeida-Santos, Filipe; Mumford, Karen
2007 Assessing the importance of male and female part-time work for the gender earnings gap in BritainMumford, Karen; Smith, Peter N.
2007 The public-private sector wage differential for full-time male employees in Britain: a preliminary analysisChatterji, Monojit; Mumford, Karen
2007 The public-private sector gender wage differential: evidence from matched employee-workplace dataChatterji, Monojit; Mumford, Karen; Smith, Peter N.
2009 Gender gaps across the earnings distribution in Britain: are women bossy enough?Chzhen, Yekaterina; Mumford, Karen
2009 The gender pay gap for private sector employees in Canada and BritainDrolet, Marie; Mumford, Karen
2010 Employee training and wage dispersion: white and blue collar workers in BritainAlmeida-Santos, Filipe; Chzhen, Yekaterina; Mumford, Karen
2017 Education, job insecurity and the within country migration of couplesMariotti, Francesco; Mumford, Karen; Pena-Boquete, Yolanda