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2007Optimal monetary policy in an estimated DSGE for the euro areaAdjemian, Stéphane; Darracq Pariès, Matthieu; Moyen, Stéphane
2008Towards a monetary policy evaluation frameworkAdjemian, Stéphane; Darracq Pariès, Matthieu; Moyen, Stéphane
2009Unemployment insurance and the business cycle: prolong benefit entitlements in bad times?Moyen, Stéphane; Stähler, Nikolai
2009Monetary policy and inflationary shocks under imperfect credibilityDarracq Pariès, Matthieu; Moyen, Stéphane
2010Fiscal Expenditures and Unemployment: A DSGE PerspectiveMayer, Eric; Moyen, Stéphane; Stähler, Nikolai
2010Government expenditures and unemployment: A DSGE perspectiveMayer, Eric; Moyen, Stéphane; Stähler, Nikolai
2013Public debt and changing inflation targetsKrause, Michael U.; Moyen, Stéphane
2015Capital regulation in a macroeconomic model with three layers of defaultDerviz, Alexis; Mendicino, Caterina; Moyen, Stéphane; Nikolov, Kalin; Stracca, Livio; Clerk, Laurent; Suarez, Javier; Vardoulakis, Alexandros P.
2016Optimal unemployment insurance and international risk sharingMoyen, Stéphane; Stähler, Nikolai; Winkler, Fabian
2017Optimal capital regulationMoyen, Stéphane; Schroth, Josef
2021Gauging the effects of the German COVID-19 fiscal stimulus packageHinterlang, Natascha; Moyen, Stéphane; Röhe, Oke; Stähler, Nikolai
2024Risky firms and fragile banks: Implications for macroprudential policyGasparini, Tommaso; Lewis, Vivien; Moyen, Stéphane; Villa, Stefania