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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1990 Efficient Bargains in the Context of Recent Labour Market Experience and PolicyHart, Robert A.; Moutos, Thomas
1997 Trade in differentiated product, trading regimes and unemploymentMoutos, Thomas
2000 Vertical Product Differentiation and the Import Demand Function: Theory and EvidenceMalley, Jim; Moutos, Thomas
2000 Neutral Technological Change and the Skill PremiumMoutos, Thomas
2000 Work-Sharing: an Efficiency-Wage AnalysisMoutos, Thomas; Scarth, William
2000 Capital Accumulation and Unemployment: A Tale of Two ContinentsMalley, Jim; Moutos, Thomas
2001 Do Excessive Wage Increases Raise Imports? Theory and EvidenceMalley, Jim; Moutos, Thomas
2002 The Political Economy of EU Enlargement: Or, Why Japan is not a Candidate Country?Adam, Antonis; Moutos, Thomas
2002 Technical Change and Unemployment: Policy Responses and Distributional ConsiderationsMoutos, Thomas; Scarth, William
2003 Some Macroeconomic Consequences of Basic Income and Employment SubsidiesMoutos, Thomas; Scarth, William
2004 Inequality and Redistribution via the Public Provision of Private GoodsKatsimi, Margarita; Moutos, Thomas
2004 Monopoly, inequality and redistribution via the public provision of private goodsKatsimi, Margarita; Moutos, Thomas
2005 Inequality and relative reliance on tariffs : theory and evidenceKatsimi, Margarita; Moutos, Thomas
2005 Turkish delight for some, cold turkey for others?: The effects of the EU-Turkey Customs UnionAdam, Antonis; Moutos, Thomas
2006 A politico-economic analysis of minimum wages and wage subsidiesAdam, Antonis; Moutos, Thomas
2006 Inequality and the US import demand functionKatsimi, Margarita; Moutos, Thomas
2007 Human capital and the Feldstein-Horioka puzzleKatsimi, Margarita; Moutos, Thomas
2007 A Note on Human Capital and the Feldstein-Horioka PuzzleKatsimi, Margarita; Moutos, Thomas
2008 Inequality and the import demand functionAdam, Antonis; Katsimi, Margarita; Moutos, Thomas
2009 Unwarranted wage changes and the return on capitalKatsimi, Margarita; Kalyvitis , Sarantis; Moutos, Thomas