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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011Chasing graduate jobs?Mosca, Irene; Wright, Robert
2011Is graduate under-employment persistent? Evidence from the United KingdomMosca, Irene; Wright, Robert E.
2012Exploring the early-life causes and later-life consequences of migration through a longitudinal study on ageingBarrett, Alan; Mosca, Irene
2012The psychic costs of migration: Evidence from Irish return migrantsBarrett, Alan; Mosca, Irene
2012Announcing an increase in the state pension age and the recession: Which mattered more for expected retirement ages?Barrett, Alan; Mosca, Irene
2012Obesity and employment in Ireland: Moving beyond BMIMosca, Irene
2012Social isolation, loneliness and return migration: Evidence from older Irish adultsBarrett, Alan; Mosca, Irene
2013(Lack of) Pension KnowledgeBarrett, Alan; Mosca, Irene; Whelan, Brendan J.
2014The Impact of Voluntary and Involuntary Retirement on Mental Health: Evidence from Older Irish AdultsMosca, Irene; Barrett, Alan
2014The Impact of Adult Child Emigration on the Mental Health of Older ParentsMosca, Irene; Barrett, Alan
2014A formal investigation of inequalities in health behaviours after age 50 on the Island of IrelandHudson, Eibhlin; Madden, David; Mosca, Irene
2016Use It or Lose It: Irish EvidenceMosca, Irene; Wright, Robert E.
2016Use it or lose it: Irish evidenceMosca, Irene; Wright, Robert E.
2017Maternal Employment and Child Outcomes: Evidence from the Irish Marriage BarMosca, Irene; O'Sullivan, Vincent; Wright, Robert E.
2017Working, Volunteering and Mental Health in the Later YearsMosca, Irene; Wright, Robert E.
2018Is Personality Endogenous? Evidence from IrelandMosca, Irene; Wright, Robert E.
2019The Long-Term Consequences of the Irish Marriage BarMosca, Irene; Wright, Robert E.
2020Does Retirement Affect Voluntary Work Provision? Evidence from England, Ireland and the U.S.Eibich, Peter; Lorenti, Angelo; Mosca, Irene
2021Economics of Marriage BarsMosca, Irene; Wright, Robert E.
2022The Long-Term Effects of In-Utero Exposure to RubellaMosca, Irene; Nolan, Anne