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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1973Search Equilibrium in a Simple Multi-Market EconomyMortensen, Dale T.
1974Rational Price DispersionMortensen, Dale T.
1974Search Equilibrium and the Core in a Decentralized Pure Exchange EconomyMortensen, Dale T.
1977Unemployment Insurance and Labor Supply DecisionsMortensen, Dale T.
1977Specific Human Capital and Labor TurnoverMortensen, Dale T.
1977Labor Supply Under UncertaintyBurdett, Kenneth; Mortensen, Dale T.
1978On The Theory of LayoffsMortensen, Dale T.
1978Specific Capital, Bargaining, and Labor TurnoverMortensen, Dale T.
1979Search, Layoffs, and Labor Market EquilibriumBurdett, Ken; Mortensen, Dale T.
1979The Matching Process as a Non-Cooperative/Bargaining GameMortensen, Dale T.
1981The Economics of MatingMortensen, Dale T.
1983A Welfare Analysis of Unemployment Insurance: Variations on Second Best ThemesMortensen, Dale T.
1984Quit Probabilities and Job Tenure- On the Job Training or Matching?Mortensen, Dale T.
1988Equilibrium Wage Distrihutions: A SynthesisMortensen, Dale T.
1988The Persistence and Indeterminacy of Unemployment in Search EquilibriumMortensen, Dale T.
1989Equilibrium Wage Differentials and Employer SizeBurdett, Kenneth; Mortensen, Dale T.
1991Information Sources and Equilibrium Wage OutcomesMortensen, Dale T.; Vishwanath, Tara
1991Equilibrium Unemployment CyclesMortensen, Dale T.
2005An empirical model of growth through product innovationLentz, Rasmus; Mortensen, Dale T.
2005More on unemployment and vacancy fluctuationsMortensen, Dale T.; Nagypál, Éva