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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Protection, trade policy and transport costs: Effective taxation of Ugandan exportersMilner, Chris; Morrissey, Oliver; Rudaheranwa, Nicodemus
1998 Determinants of exports and investment of manufacturing firms in TanzaniaGrenier, Louise; McKay, Andrew; Morrissey, Oliver
1998 Aggregate export and food crop supply response in TanzaniaMacKay, Andrew D.; Morrissey, Oliver; Vaillant, Charlotte
1998 Investigating the relationship between aid and trade flowsLloyd, Tim; McGillivray, Mark; Morrissey, Oliver; Osei, Robert
1998 Aid and the public sector in Pakistan: Evidence with endogenous aidFranco-Rodriguez, Susana; McGillivray, Mark; Morrissey, Oliver
1998 Ugandan trade policy and export performance in the 1990sMorrissey, Oliver; Rudaheranwa, Nicodemus
1999 Uncertainty of aid inflows and the aid-growth relationshipLensink, Robert; Morrissey, Oliver
1999 Competition and business confidence in manufacturing enterprises in TanzaniaGrenier, Louise; McKay, Andrew; Morrissey, Oliver
2000 The trade and welfare effects of a regional economic partnership agreementMcKay, Andrew; Milner, Chris; Morrissey, Oliver
2000 Investment and competition policy in developing countries: Implications of and for the WTOMorrissey, Oliver
2000 Government spending and economic growth in Tanzania, 1965 - 1996Kweka, Josaphat P.; Morrissey, Oliver
2000 Aid illusion and public sector fiscal behaviourMcGillivray, Mark; Morrissey, Oliver
2001 Are inequality and trade liberalization influences on growth and poverty?Mbabazi, Jennifer; Morrissey, Oliver; Milner, Chris
2001 Fiscal effects of aidMacGillivray, Mark; Morrissey, Oliver
2001 Foreign ownership and wages: Evidence from five African countriesVelde, Dirk Willem te; Morrissey, Oliver
2001 A review of evidence on the fiscal effects of aidMcGillivray, Mark; Morrissey, Oliver
2001 Problems with pooling in panel data analysis for developing countries: The case of aid and trade relationshipsLloyd, Tim; Morrissey, Oliver; Osei, Robert
2001 Pro-poor conditionality for aid and debt relief in East AfricaMorrissey, Oliver
2001 Foreign direct investment: Flows, volatility and growth in developing countriesLensink, Robert; Morrissey, Oliver
2001 The impact on Uganda of agricultural trade liberalisationBlake, Adam; McKay, Andrew; Morrissey, Oliver