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2010 The effect of job flexibility on female labor market outcomes: Estimates from a search and bargaining modelFlabbi, Luca; Moro, Andrea
2011 The empirical content of models with multiple equilibria in economies with social interactionsBisin, Alberto; Moro, Andrea; Topa, Giorgio
2012 Trust and the Demand for Personal Collateral in SME - Bank RelationshipsMoro, Andrea; Lucas, Mike R.; Kodwani, Devendra
2012 The Debt Structure of SMEs: An Optimization ModelMoro, Andrea; Lucas, Mike R.; Grimm, Uwe G.
2014 Do Female Executives Make a Difference? The Impact of Female Leadership on Gender Gaps and Firm PerformanceFlabbi, Luca; Macis, Mario; Moro, Andrea; Schivardi, Fabiano
2015 Creditor protection, judicial enforcement and credit accessFerrando, Annalisa; Maresch, Daniela; Moro, Andrea
2017 Does employment protection legislation affect credit access? Evidence from EuropeMoro, Andrea; Maresch, Daniela; Ferrando, Annalisa; Udell, Gregory F.
2017 Much ado about nothing? Interest and non-interest products and services: Their impact on small banks' marginsFredriksson, Antti; Maresch, Daniela; Moro, Andrea
2017 When the going gets tough, the tough get goingFredriksson, Antti; Maresch, Daniela; Fink, Matthias; Moro, Andrea
2018 Modelling trust evolution within small business lending relationshipsTang, Ying; Moro, Andrea; Sozzo, Sandro; Li, Zhiyong
2020 Testing for Asymmetric Employer Learning and Statistical DiscriminationGe, Suqin; Moro, Andrea; Zhu, Beibei