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2011The role of macroeconomic policy in rebalancing growthMorgan, Peter J.
2011Impact of US quantitative easing policy on emerging AsiaMorgan, Peter J.
2012Regional and global monetary cooperationLamberte, Mario; Morgan, Peter J.
2012Strengthening financial infrastructureMorgan, Peter J.; Lamberte, Mario
2012Central banking for financial stability in AsiaKawai, Masahiro; Morgan, Peter J.
2012Japan's post-triple-disaster growth strategyKawai, Masahiro; Morgan, Peter J.
2013Long-term issues for fiscal sustainability in emerging AsiaKawai, Masahiro; Morgan, Peter J.
2013An Asian perspective on global financial reformsMorgan, Peter J.; Pontines, Victor
2013Monetary policy frameworks in Asia: Experience, lessons, and issuesMorgan, Peter J.
2014Regional financial regulation in AsiaKawai, Masahiro; Morgan, Peter J.
2014Financial stability and financial inclusionMorgan, Peter J.; Pontines, Victor
2015Loan-to-value policy as a macroprudential tool: The case of residential mortgage loans in AsiaMorgan, Peter J.; Regis, Paulo José; Salike, Nimesh
2015Mortgage lending and financial stability in AsiaMorgan, Peter J.; Zhang, Yan
2015Financial education in Asia: Assessment and recommendationsYoshino, Naoyuki; Morgan, Peter J.; Wignaraja, Ganeshan
2016Fiscal decentralization and local budget deficits in Viet Nam: An empirical analysisMorgan, Peter J.; Trinh, Long Q.
2016Frameworks for central-local government relations and fiscal sustainabilityMorgan, Peter J.; Trinh, Long Q.
2016Overview of financial inclusion, regulation, and educationYoshino, Naoyuki; Morgan, Peter J.
2017Financial literacy in Japan: Determinants and impactsYoshino, Naoyuki; Morgan, Peter J.; Trinh, Long Q.
2017Costs and potential funding of expanded public pension coverage in AsiaMorgan, Peter J.; Trinh, Long Q.
2017Determinants and impacts of financial literacy in Cambodia and Viet NamMorgan, Peter J.; Trinh, Long Q.