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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1994 Shut Down Option and Profit SharingMoretto, Michele; Rossini, Gianpaolo
1995 Entry-Exit Timing and Profit SharingMoretto, Michele; Pastorello, Sergio
1995 Profit Sharing Regulation, Repeated Bargaining and Shut-Down OptionMoretto, Michele; Rossini, Gianpaolo
1997 Climate change and event uncertainty in a dynamic model with overlapping generationsMoretto, Michele; Tamborini, Roberto
1997 Foreign direct investment in transition economies: An option approach to sovereign riskMoretto, Michele; Valbonesi, Paola
1997 Endogenous allocation of the exit option between workers and shareholdersMoretto, Michele; Rossini, Gianpaolo
1999 Is Ecolabelling a Reliable Environmental Policy Measure?Dosi, Cesare; Moretto, Michele
1999 Labour Participation in Different Firm OrganisationsMoretto, Michele; Rossini, Gianpaolo
1999 Dynamic uncertainty and global warming riskBosello, Francesco; Moretto, Michele
1999 Optimal Capacity Adjustment by a Multiplant FirmMoretto, Michele
2000 Option to revoke and regulation of local utilitiesMoretto, Michele; Valbonesi, Paola
2000 Liquidity: What can a "Hausbank" do that other lenders cannot do?Moretto, Michele; Tamborini, Roberto
2000 The timing of adoption of cleaner technologies: Private costs and public incentivesDosi, Cesare; Moretto, Michele
2000 The value of licences for recreational resources useMoretto, Michele; Rosato, Paolo
2001 Comments on the investment-uncertainty relationship in a real option modelCappuccio, Nunzio; Moretto, Michele
2001 On the opportunity cost of nontradable stock optionsMoretto, Michele; Rossini, Gianpaolo
2001 Global warming, uncertainty and endogenous technical change: Implications for KyotoCastelnuovo, Efrem; Moretto, Michele; Vergalli, Sergio
2001 Global warming and financial umbrellasDosi, Cesare; Moretto, Michele
2002 The use of common property resources: A dynamic modelMoretto, Michele; Rosato, Paolo
2003 Investment Size and Firm's Value Under Profit Sharing RegulationMoretto, Michele; Panteghini, Paolo M.; Scarpa, Carlo