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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Social returns to human capitalMoretti, Enrico
2006 Peers at workMas, Alexandre; Moretti, Enrico
2006 Biological gender differences, absenteeism and the earning gapIchino, Andrea; Moretti, Enrico
2008 Real wage inequalityMoretti, Enrico
2010 The political economy of intergenerational income mobilityIchino, Andrea; Karabarbounis, Loukas; Moretti, Enrico
2010 Local labor marketsMoretti, Enrico
2011 Estimating and testing non-linear models using instrumental variablesLochner, Lance; Moretti, Enrico
2011 Winning by Losing: Evidence on Overbidding in MergersMalmendier, Ulrike; Moretti, Enrico; Peters, Florian
2012 Local Multipliers and Human Capital in the US and SwedenMoretti, Enrico; Thulin, Per
2013 Place based policies with unemploymentKline, Patrick; Moretti, Enrico
2013 People, Places and Public Policy: Some Simple Welfare Economics of Local Economic Development ProgramsKline, Patrick; Moretti, Enrico
2014 State incentives for innovation, star scientists, and jobs: Evidence from biotechMoretti, Enrico; Wilson, Daniel J.
2019 The Effect of High-Tech Clusters on the Productivity of Top InventorsMoretti, Enrico
2019 Taxing Billionaires: Estate Taxes and the Geographical Location of the Ultra-WealthyMoretti, Enrico; Wilson, Daniel
2019 Estimating Who Benefits from Productivity Growth: Direct and Indirect Effects of City Manufacturing TFP Growth on Wages, Rents, and InequalityHornbeck, Richard; Moretti, Enrico
2019 Matching in CitiesDauth, Wolfgang; Findeisen, Sebastian; Moretti, Enrico; Suedekum, Jens
2019 Wage Equalization and Regional Misallocation: Evidence from Italian and German ProvincesBoeri, Tito; Ichino, Andrea; Moretti, Enrico; Posch, Johanna