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1997 Substitution possibilities for energy in the Italian economy: A general to specific econometric analysisMorana, Claudio
1998 Modelling evolutionary long-run relationships: An application to the Italian energy marketMorana, Claudio
2000 Measuring core inflation in the euro areaMorana, Claudio
2002 Monetary policy and the stock market in the euro areaCassola, Nuno; Morana, Claudio
2003 Volatility of interest rates in the euro area: evidence from high frequency dataCassola, Nuno; Morana, Claudio
2004 Frequency domain principal components estimation of fractionally cointegrated processesMorana, Claudio
2004 A structural common factor approach to core inflation estimation and forecastingMorana, Claudio
2006 Comovements in volatility in the euro money marketCassola, Nuno; Morana, Claudio
2007 Structural econometric approach to bidding in the main refinancing operations of the EurosystemCassola, Nuno; Ewerhart, Christian; Morana, Claudio
2007 Modeling long memory and structural breaks in conditional variances: An adaptive FIGARCH approachBaillie, Richard T.; Morana, Claudio
2008 Modelling short-term interest rate spreads in the euro money marketCassola, Nuno; Morana, Claudio
2012 Euro money market spreads during the 2007-? financial crisisCassola, Nuno; Morana, Claudio
2012 New Paradigms in Monetary Theory and Policy?Balling, Morten; Llewellyn, David T.; Orphanides, Athanasios; Coene, Luc; Haldane, Andy; Davies, Richard; Coulibaly, Dramane; Kempf, Hubert; Brink, Nicola; Kock, Michael; Holmsen, Amund; Røisland, Øistein; Ma, Guonan; McCauley, Robert N.; C.Bagliano, Fabio; Morana, Claudio; Boonstra, Wim; Michalak, Tobias C.; Rother, Philipp C.
2012 Oil price dynamics, macro-finance interactions and the role of financial speculationMorana, Claudio
2012 The oil price-macroeconomy relationship since the mid-1980s: A global perspectiveMorana, Claudio
2016 Macroeconomic and Financial Effects of Oil Price Shocks: Evidence for the Euro AreaMorana, Claudio
2017 Temperature Anomalies, Radiative Forcing and ENSOMorana, Claudio; Sbrana, Giacomo
2018 Some Financial Implications of Global Warming: an Empirical AssessmentMorana, Claudio; Sbrana, Giacomo