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2006 Inequity Aversion May Increase InequityMontero, Maria
2007 The paradox of new members in the council of ministers: A noncooperative approachMontero, Maria
2008 Proportional payoffs in majority gamesMontero, Maria
2010 Bargaining in legislatures: A new donation paradoxMontero, Maria
2010 The paradox of new members in the EU Council of Ministers: a non-cooperative bargaining analysisMontero, Maria
2011 Voting power in the EU Council of Ministers and fair decision making in distributive politicsLe Breton, Michel; Montero, Maria; Zaporozhets, Vera
2012 A violation of monotonicity in a noncooperative settingMontero, Maria; Vidal-Puga, Juan
2012 Coalitional games with veto players: Myopic and rational behaviorArin, J.; Feltkamp, V.; Montero, Maria
2013 Majoritarian contests with asymmetric battlefields: An experimentMontero, Maria; Possajennikov, Alex; Sefton, Martin; Turocy, Theodore
2015 Efficiency versus equality in bargainingGaleotti, Fabio; Montero, Maria; Poulsen, Anders
2015 Communication, leadership and coordination failureDong, Lu; Montero, Maria; Possajennikov, Alex
2015 Legislative bargaining with heterogeneous disagreement values: Theory and experimentsMiller, Luis; Montero, Maria; Vanberg, Christoph
2015 A model of protocoalition bargaining with breakdown probabilityMontero, Maria
2016 Proportional payoffs in legislative bargaining with weighted voting: A characterizationMontero, Maria