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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Optimal public moneyMonnet, Cyril
2002 Optimal contracts in a dynamic costly state verification modelMonnet, Cyril; Quintin, Erwan
2003 Money and payments: a modern perspectiveHolthausen, Cornelia; Monnet, Cyril
2004 Guess what: it's the settlements!Koeppl, Thorsten Volker; Monnet, Cyril
2004 Measuring financial integration in the euro areaBaele, Lieven; Ferrando, Annalisa; Hördahl, Peter; Krylova, Elizaveta; Monnet, Cyril
2005 Why do financial systems differ? History mattersMonnet, Cyril; Quintin, Erwan
2005 Counterfeiting and inflationMonnet, Cyril
2005 Guess what: It's the Settlements!Koeppl, Thorsten; Monnet, Cyril
2006 A dynamic model of settlementKoeppl, Thorsten Volker; Monnet, Cyril; Temzelides, Ted
2006 A Dynamic Model of SettlementKoeppl, Thorsten; Monnet, Cyril; Temzelides, Ted
2006 Credit and the no-surcharge ruleMonnet, Cyril; Roberds, William
2007 Payments and Mechanism DesignKoeppl, Thor; Monnet, Cyril; Temzelides, Ted
2007 The Poor, the Rich and the Enforcer: Institutional Choice and GrowthKoeppl, Thor; Monnet, Cyril; Quintin, Erwan
2007 Monetary policy in a channel systemBerentsen, Aleksander; Monnet, Cyril
2008 Monetary policy implementation frameworks: A comparative analysisMartin, Antoine; Monnet, Cyril
2008 Central counterpartiesKoeppl, Thorsten V.; Monnet, Cyril
2009 Money talksHoerova, Marie; Monnet, Cyril; Temzelides, Ted
2009 Optimal clearing arrangements for financial tradesKoeppl, Thorsten; Monnet, Cyril; Temzelides, Ted
2010 The emergence and future of central counterpartiesKoeppl, Thorsten V.; Monnet, Cyril
2014 Monetary Emissions Trading MechanismsMonnet, Cyril; Temzelides, Ted