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1985Incredibility of perfect threats in repeated games: The dilemma of a rational playerMohr, Ernst
1985Appropriation of common access natural resources through exploration: A differential game of a claiming rushMohr, Ernst
1986International borrowing and exhaustible resources: Note on a liquidity creditworthiness conflictMohr, Ernst
1987A general equilibrium model of sovereign borrowing and non-sovereign financial intermediationMohr, Ernst
1988Strategic trade policy: Ex post aye, ex ante nayMohr, Ernst
1990Environmental taxes and charges and EC fiscal harmonisation: Theory and policyMohr, Ernst
1990Burn the forest!: A bargaining theoretic analysis of a seemingly perverse proposal to protect the rainforestMohr, Ernst
1990International environmental negotiations and non-exclusive domestic property rightsMohr, Ernst
1990Crises within communism and temporary aidMohr, Ernst
1990Courts of appeal, bureaucracies and conditional project permits: The role of negotiating non-exclusive property rights over the environmentMohr, Ernst
1991Umweltpolitik mit handelbaren Emissionsrechten: Möglichkeiten zur Verringerung der Kohlendioxid- und StickoxidemissionenHeister, Johannes; Klepper, Gernot; Krämer, Hans Rachebald; Michaelis, Peter; Mohr, Ernst; Neu, Axel Dietmar; Schmidt, Rainer; Weichert, Ronald
1992The impact of sovereign intertemporal trade and cross-default clauses on the sustainability and efficiency of environmental treatiesMohr, Ernst
1992Environmental norms, society, and economicsMohr, Ernst
1993Sustainable development and international distribution: Theory and application to rainforests as carbon sinksMohr, Ernst
1993Pooling sovereignty risks: The case of environmental treaties and international debtMohr, Ernst; Thomas, Jonathan P.
1995Economic and legal aspects of international environmental agreements: The case of enforcing and stabilising an international CO 2 agreementHeister, Johannes; Mohr, Ernst; Plesmann, Wolf; Stähler, Frank; Stoll, Peter-Tobias; Wolfram, Rüdiger
1995Sustainable development and international distribution: Theory and application to rainforests as carbon sinksMohr, Ernst