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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1995 A Simple Nonparametric Test for IndependenceMizrach, Bruce
1996 Mean Reversion in EMS Exchange RatesMizrach, Bruce
1996 Forecast Comparison in L2Mizrach, Bruce
1996 Did Option Prices Predict the ERM Crises?Mizrach, Bruce
1998 A Markov Switching CookbookMizrach, Bruce; Watkins, James
2000 Should ECNs be SOES-able?Mizrach, Bruce; Zhang, Yijie
2002 The next tick on Nasdaq: Does level II information matter?Mizrach, Bruce
2002 When did the options market in Enron lose its' smirk?Mizrach, Bruce
2003 Analyst Recommendations and Nasdaq Market Making ActivityMizrach, Bruce
2004 A Video Interview of Buz BrockMizrach, Bruce
2004 Experts Online : An Analysis of Trading Activity in a Public Internet Chat RoomMizrach, Bruce; Zhang Weerts, Susan
2004 The Impact of Monetary Policy on Bond Returns : A Segmented Markets ApproachMizrach, Bruce; Occhino, Filippo
2004 The Microeconomics of Macroeconomic Asymmetries : Sectoral Driving Forces and Firm Level CharacteristicsKorenok, Oleg; Mizrach, Bruce; Radchenko, Stanislav
2004 Assessing Central Bank Credibility During the EMS Crises : Comparing Option and Spot Market-Based ForecastsHaas, Markus; Mittnik, Stefan; Mizrach, Bruce
2005 Estimating the intensity of choice in a dynamic mutual fund allocation decisionGoldbaum, David; Mizrach, Bruce
2005 Does SIZE matter?: Liquidity provision by the Nasdaq anonymous trading FacilityMizrach, Bruce
2005 Does the stock market punish corporate malfeasance?: A case study of CitigroupMizrach, Bruce; Zhang Weerts, Susan
2005 Assessing central bank credibility during the EMS crises: Comparing option and spot market-based forecastsHaas, Markus; Mittnik, Stefan; Mizrach, Bruce
2006 Nonlinear time series analysisMizrach, Bruce
2006 The transition to electronic trading in the secondary treasury marketMizrach, Bruce; Neely, Christopher J.