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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012An empirical analysis of the effectiveness of Japan's official development assistance in the development of the Asian telecommunications sectorHatakeyama, Yuji; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2012The role of media and ICT to motivate people to take post-quake recovery action: An evidence of the Pythagorean EffectMitomo, Hitoshi; Otsuka, Tokio; Kimura, Mikio
2012Diverse paths in improving broadband availability: Deductive inference from the perspective of neo-institutional economicsMitsuyama, Nahoko; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2012Demand for internet: Empirical comparison between urban and rural subscribers in ThailandPichitkul, Araya; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2012The patterns of mobile telephony development in Sub Sahara Africa: A cluster analysisMoshi, Goodiel; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2012Cloud computing adoption and determining factors in different industries: A case study of ThailandKeesookpun, Chutipong; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2012Leadership development through online gamingNuangjumnonga, Tinnawat; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2013The determinants of mobile operator switching and policy implications in developing countries: A case study of ThailandKeesookpun, Chutipong; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2013The role of ICT and mass media in post-disaster restoration and recovery progress: A case of the Great East Japan EarthquakeMitomo, Hitoshi; Otsuka, Tokio; Jeon, Stefan Y.; Cheng, John W.
2014Understanding broadband under-utilization in JapanBourna, Maria; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2014Provision of universal broadband service in Japan: A policy challenge toward a sustainable ICT infrastructureMitomo, Hitoshi
2014Spectrum policy and innovation: A Japanese perspectiveBourna, Maria; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2014The effect of simultaneous multi-screening on the users' knowledge of social issues in a highly mediated societyCheng, John W.; Mitomo, Hitoshi; Otsuka, Tokio
2014Political stability, regulation and investment in the African mobile marketsMoshi, Goodiel; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2015The role of ICT in collective resilience in a time of crisisCheng, John W.; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2015Media’s Effects on People’s Perceptions and Intentions in Post-Disaster Recovery – a Case Study of the Great East Japan EarthquakeCheng, John W.; Mitomo, Hitoshi; Otsuka, Tokio; Jeon, Stefan Y.
2015Consumer Awareness And Protection In Telecommunication Markets: Case Of Tanzania; Determinant Of Consumers’ Knowledge On Their RightsMwakatumbula, Hilda J.; Moshi, GoodielC.; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2016Effects of ICT and media information on collective resilience after disasters – from a virtual crowd to a psychological crowd – Part 1 - ICT and media information and collective resilience in an emergency situationCheng, John W.; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2016Effects of OTT services on consumer's willingness to pay for optical fiber broadband connection in ThailandSudtasan, Tatcha; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2017Data Network Effects: Implications for Data BusinessMitomo, Hitoshi