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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1995MonetarismMayer, Thomas; Minford, Patrick
2005Would price-level targeting destabilise the economy?Minford, Patrick; Nowell, Eric; Webb, Bruce
2005On the equality of Real Interest Rates across borders in Integrated Capital MarketsMinford, Patrick; Peel, David
2005Opportunistic Monetary Policy: an Alternative RationalizationMinford, Patrick; Srinivasan, Naveen
2005Can a Real Business Cycle Model without price and wage stickiness explain UK real exchange rate behaviour?Meenagh, David; Minford, Patrick; Nowell, Eric; Sofat, Prakriti
2006Monetary regimes: Is there a trade-off between consumption and employment variability?Matthews, Kent; Meenagh, David; Minford, Patrick; Webb, Bruce
2006Simulating stock returns under switching regimes: A new test of market efficiencyMeenagh, David; Minford, Patrick; Peel, David
2006Vicious and virtuous circle: The political economy of unemployment in interwar UK and USAMatthews, Ken; Minford, Patrick; Naraidoo, Ruthira
2006Partial current information and signal extraction in a rational expectations macroeconomic model: A computational solutionLungu, Laurian; Matthews, Kent; Minford, Patrick
2007Growth and relative living standards: Testing barriers to riches on post-war panel dataMinford, Patrick; Meenagh, David; Wang, Jiang
2007An endogenous Taylor condition in an endogenous growth monetary policy modelLe, Mai Vo; Gillman, Max; Minford, Patrick
2007Optimising indexation arrangements under Calvo contracts and their implications for monetary policyVo Phuong Mai Le; Minford, Patrick
2007Calvo contracts: Optimal indexation in general equilibriumVo Phuong Mai Le; Minford, Patrick
2007Testing a model of the UK by the method of indirect inferenceMinford, Patrick; Theodoridis, Konstantinos; Meenagh, David
2008Commentary on economic projections and rules of thumb for monetary policy (by Athanasios Orphanides and Volker Wieland)Minford, Patrick
2008Testing a DSGE model of the EU using indirect inferenceMeenagh, David; Minford, Patrick; Wickens, Michael
2008Are central bank preferences asymmetric? A commentMinford, Patrick; Srinivasan, Naveen
2008Real exchange rate overshooting in real business cycle model: An empirical evidence from IndiaMinford, Patrick; Pal, Soubarna
2008Can the facts of UK inflation persistence be explainded by nominal rigidityMeenagh, David; Minford, Patrick; Nowell, Eric; Sofat, Prakriti; Srinivasan, Naveen
2009Determinacy in new Keynesian models: A role for money after all?Minford, Patrick; Srinivasan, Naveen