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2018Reforms That Keep You at Home: The Effects of Economic Transition on MigrationGuzi, Martin; Mikula, Stepan
2018Social capital and migration intentions in post-communist countriesHuber, Peter; Mikula, Stepan
2019Does homeownership hinder labor market activity? Evidence from housing privatization and restitution in BrnoMikula, Stepan; Montag, Josef
2019Old Sins Cast Long Shadows: The Long-Term Impact of the Resettlement of the Sudetenland on Residential MigrationGuzi, Martin; Huber, Peter; Mikula, Stepan
2019Old sins cast long shadows: The Long-term impact of the resettlement of the Sudetenland on residential migrationGuzi, Martin; Huber, Peter; Mikula, Stepan
2020Air pollution & migration: Exploiting a natural experiment from the Czech RepublicMikula, Stepan; Pytlikov√°, Mariola
2021Careful What You Say: The Effect of Manipulative Information on the 2013 Czech Presidential Run-off ElectionGuzi, Martin; Mikula, Stepan
2021Air Pollution and Migration: Exploiting a Natural Experiment from the Czech RepublicMikula, Stepan; Pytlikova, Mariola
2022Residential-based discrimination in the labor marketMikula, Stepan; Reggiani, Tommaso
2022Residential-Based Discrimination in the Labor MarketMikula, Stepan; Reggiani, Tommaso G.
2023Roma and Bureaucrats: A Field Experiment on Ethnic and Socioeconomic DiscriminationMikula, Stepan; Montag, Josef
2023The long-term impact of religion on social capital: lessons from post-war CzechoslovakiaMikula, Stepan; Reggiani, Tommaso; Sabatini, Fabio