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2003 Joint Labour Supply Dynamics of Older CouplesMichaud, Pierre-Carl
2004 Health and Wealth of Elderly Couples : Causality Tests Using Dynamic Panel Data ModelsMichaud, Pierre-Carl; van Soest, Arthur
2004 A Collective Retirement Model : Identification and Estimation in the Presence of ExternalitiesMichaud, Pierre-Carl; Vermeulen, Frederic
2005 Employment dynamics of married women in EuropeMichaud, Pierre-Carl; Tatsiramos, Konstantinos
2006 Effects of attrition and non-response in the health and retirement studyKapteyn, Arie; Michaud, Pierre-Carl; Smith, James P.; van Soest, Arthur
2006 Informal care and employment in England: evidence from the British household panel surveyHeitmüller, Axel; Michaud, Pierre-Carl
2007 Entrepreneurship, wealth, liquidity constraints and start-up costsFonseca, Raquel; Michaud, Pierre-Carl; Sopraseuth, Thepthida
2007 How did the elimination of the earnings test above the normal retirement age affect retirement expectations?Michaud, Pierre-Carl; van Soest, Arthur
2008 The rise in obesity across the Atlantic: an economic perspectiveBrunello, Giorgio; Michaud, Pierre-Carl; Sanz-de-Galdeano, Anna
2008 Fertility and female employment dynamics in Europe: the effect of using alternative econometric modeling assumptionsMichaud, Pierre-Carl; Tatsiramos, Konstantinos
2009 International differences in longevity and health and their economic consequencesMichaud, Pierre-Carl; Goldman, Dana; Lakdawalla, Darius; Zheng, Yuhui; Gailey, Adam H.
2009 On the rise of health spending and longevityFonseca, Raquel; Michaud, Pierre-Carl; Galama, Titus; Kapteyn, Arie
2009 Understanding the economic consequences of shifting trends in population healthMichaud, Pierre-Carl; Goldman, Dana; Lakdawalla, Darius; Zheng, Yuhui; Gailey, Adam H.
2011 The recent evolution of retirement patterns in CanadaLefebvre, Pierre; Merrigan, Philip; Michaud, Pierre-Carl
2013 Evidence on individual preferences for longevity riskDelprat, Gaëtan; Leroux, Marie-Louise; Michaud, Pierre-Carl
2013 Accounting for the Rise of Health Spending and LongevityFonseca, Raquel; Michaud, Pierre-Carl; Kapteyn, Arie; Galama, Titus
2013 Evidence on Individual Preferences for Longevity RiskDelprat, Gaëtan; Leroux, Marie-Louise; Michaud, Pierre-Carl
2014 Health Club Attendance, Expectations and Self-controlGarin, Jean-Denis; Masse, Alix; Michaud, Pierre-Carl
2014 The Effect of Job Loss on Health: Evidence from BiomarkersMichaud, Pierre-Carl; Crimmins, Eileen; Hurd, Michael D.
2014 Individual Survival Curves Comparing Subjective and Observed Mortality RisksBissonnette, Luc; Hurd, Michael D.; Michaud, Pierre-Carl