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2012 Do Customs Trade Facilitation Programmes Help Reduce Customs-Related Corruption?Michael, Bryane; Popov, Maja
2013 Does Financial Market Development Explain (or at Least Predict) the Demand for Wealth Management and Private Banking Services in Developing Markets?Michael, Bryane; Hartwell, Christopher A.; Ho, Gary
2013 The Upcoming Four Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Gold RushMichael, Bryane
2013 Who Is Your Company? Where to Locate to Compete in Emerging MarketsMichael, Bryane
2014 Playing the Shadowy World of Emerging Market Shadow BankingMichael, Bryane
2014 The Middle Eastern Wealth Management Industry: Boon or Bust?Michael, Bryane; Apostoloski, Nenad
2015 What Determines M&A Legal and Financial Advisors’ Competitiveness in an International Financial Centre: Using China’s Going Out Policy as a Natural ExperimentMichael, Bryane; Wojick, Dariusz; Arner, Douglas W.; Tong, Wilson; Lin, Chen; Zhao, Simon
2015 Last of the Tai-Pans: Improving the Sustainability of Long-Term Financial Flows by Improving Hong Kong’s Corporate GovernanceMichael, Bryane; Goo, Say
2015 The Size and Structure of GovernmentMichael, Bryane; Popov, Maja
2015 CP ALL and the Case of Value Web CreationMichael, Bryane; Hartwell, Christopher A.; Korovkin, Vladimir
2015 The Cost of Antitrust Law to Malaysia’s Financial Services SectorMichael, Bryane; Williams, Mark; Munisamy, Susila
2015 Does Objectives-Based Financial Regulation Imply A Rethink of Legislatively Mandated Economic Regulation? The Case of Hong Kong and Twin Peaks Financial Sector RegulationMichael, Bryane
2015 What Does Brunei Teach Us About Using Human Development Index Rankings as a Policy Tool?Michael, Bryane
2015 The Optimal Design of the Qianhai Special Economic ZoneMichael, Bryane; Sharif, Naubahar; Park, Seung-Ho
2015 Foreign Under-Investment in US Securities and the Role of Relational CapitalMichael, Bryane
2015 What Role Can an International Financial Centre’s Law Play in the Development of a Sunrise Industry? The Case of Hong Kong and Solar Powered InvestmentsMichael, Bryane; Zhao,Simon; Wojcik, Dariusz
2016 Bubble Economics How Big a Shock to China’s Real Estate Sector Will Throw the Country into Recession, and Why Does It Matter?Michael, Bryane; Zhao, Simon
2016 The Prospects and Problems of an IGAD Regional Development BankMichael, Bryane
2016 The Role of Hong Kong’s Financial Regulations in Improving Corporate Governance Standards in China: Lessons from the Panama Papers for Hong KongMichael, Bryane; Goo, Say-Hak
2016 The Value of the Corporate Governance Canon on Chinese CompaniesMichael, Bryane; Goo, Say-Hak