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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Creditor Protection and Financial CyclesGalindo, Arturo; Micco, Alejandro
2002 The Internet and the Ability to Innovate in Latin AmericaChong, Alberto; Micco, Alejandro
2002 Determinants of Maritime Transport CostsMicco, Alejandro; Perez, Natalia
2003 Better the Devil that You Know: Evidence on Entry Costs Faced by Foreign BanksGalindo, Arturo; Micco, Alejandro; Serra, César Manuel
2003 Concentration and Foreign Penetration in Latin American Banking Sectors: Impact on Competition and RiskYeyati, Eduardo Levy; Micco, Alejandro
2003 Corporate Governance and Private Capital Flows to Latin AmericaChong, Alberto; Izquierdo, Alejandro; Micco, Alejandro; Panizza, Ugo
2003 Do State-Owned Banks Promote Growth? Cross-Country Evidence for Manufacturing IndustriesGalindo, Arturo; Micco, Alejandro
2003 The Currency Union Effect on Trade: Early Evidence from EMUMicco, Alejandro; Stein, Ernesto H.; Ordoñez, Guillermo Luis
2004 Microeconomic Flexibility in Latin AmericaCaballero, Ricardo J.; Engel, Eduardo M.R.A.; Micco, Alejandro
2004 Effective Labor Regulation and Microeconomic FlexibilityCaballero, Ricardo J.; Cowan, Devin N.; Engel, Eduardo M.R.A.; Micco, Alejandro
2004 Infrastructure, Competition Regimes and Air Transport Costs: Cross Country EvidenceMicco, Alejandro; Serebrisky, Tomas
2004 Bank Ownership and Lending BehaviorMicco, Alejandro; Panizza, Ugo
2004 Bank Ownership and PerformanceMicco, Alejandro; Panizza, Ugo; Yañez, Mónica
2004 Should the Government Be in the Banking Business? The Role of State-Owned and Development BanksYeyati, Eduardo Levy; Micco, Alejandro; Panizza, Ugo
2004 Employment Protection and Gross Job Flows: A Differences-in-Differences ApproachMicco, Alejandro; Pagés-Serra, Carmen
2005 Bank Credit to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: The Role of Creditor ProtectionGalindo, Arturo; Micco, Alejandro
2005 Creditor Protection and Credit VolatilityGalindo, Arturo; Micco, Alejandro
2005 Loyal Lenders or Fickle Financiers: Foreign Banks in Latin AmericaGalindo, Arturo; Micco, Alejandro; Powell, Andrew
2006 The economic effects of employment protection: evidence from international industry-level dataMicco, Alejandro; Pagés, Carmen
2006 Propiedad y desempeño de la banca. ¿Importa la política?Panizza, Ugo; Micco, Alejandro; Yañez, Mónica