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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Building blocks or stumbling blocks? Regional cooperation arrangements in Southeast AsiaMenon, Jayant
2006 Bilateral trade agreements and the world trading systemMenon, Jayant
2007 Dealing with dollarization: What options for the transitional economies of Southeast Asia?Menon, Jayant
2007 Dollarization and the multiple currency phenomenon in Lao PDR: Costs, benefits and policy optionsMenon, Jayant
2008 Macroeconomic management amid ethnic diversity: Fifty years of Malaysian experienceMenon, Jayant
2008 Cambodia's Persistent Dollarization: Causes and Policy OptionsMenon, Jayant
2009 Regional Economic Impacts of Cross-Border Infrastructure: A General Equilibrium Application to Thailand and Lao PDRWarr, Peter; Menon, Jayant; Yusuf, Arief Anshory
2009 Aging in Asia: Trends, Impacts and ResponsesMenon, Jayant; Melendez-Nakamura, Anna
2009 Managing Success in Viet Nam: Macroeconomic Consequences of Large Capital Inflows with Limited Policy ToolsMenon, Jayant
2010 Poverty Impacts of Government Expenditure from Natural Resource RevenuesWarr, Peter; Menon, Jayant; Yusuf, Arief Anshory
2010 The Awakening Chinese Economy: Macro and Terms of Trade Impacts on 10 Major Asia-Pacific CountriesMai, Yin Hua; Adams, Philip; Dixon, Peter; Menon, Jayant
2010 Global Production Sharing, Trade Patterns, and Determinants of Trade Flows in East AsiaAthukorala, Prema–Chandra; Menon, Jayant
2011 Trade and Investment in the Greater Mekong Subregion: Remaining Challenges and the Unfinished Policy AgendaMenon, Jayant; Melendez, Anna Cassandra
2012 Narrowing the Development Divide in ASEAN: The Role of PolicyMenon, Jayant
2012 Financial safety nets in Asia: Genesis, evolution, adequacy, and way forwardHill, Hal; Menon, Jayant
2013 The Lao Economy: Capitalizing on Natural Resource ExportsMenon, Jayant; Warr, Peter
2013 How Expansion of Public Services Affects the Poor: Benefit Incidence Analysis for the Lao People's Democratic RepublicWarr, Peter; Menon, Jayant; Rasphone, Sitthiroth
2013 Cambodia: Rapid Growth with Institutional ConstraintsHill, Hal; Menon, Jayant
2013 Impact of Eurozone Financial Shocks on Southeast Asian EconomiesMenon, Jayant; Ng, Thiam Hee
2013 Supporting the Growth and Spread of International Production Networks in Asia: How Can Trade Policy Help?Menon, Jayant