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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Impact of Income Growth and Economic Reform on Nutrition Intake in Urban China : 1986-2000Meng, Xin; Gong, Xiaodong; Wang, Youjuan
2004 Job Mobility along the Technological Ladder : A Case Study of AustraliaKapuscinski, Cezary A.; Junankar, P. N. (Raja); Meng, Xin
2005 Poverty, Inequality, and Growth in Urban China, 1986-2000Meng, Xin; Gregory, Robert; Wang, Youjuan
2006 China urban poverty and its contributing factors, 1986 - 2000Meng, Xin; Gregory, Robert; Wan, Guanghua
2006 The gender wage gap in four countriesDaly, Anne; Kawaguchi, Akira; Meng, Xin; Mumford, Karen
2006 The long run health and economic consequences of famine on survivors: evidence from China's Great FamineMeng, Xin; Qian, Nancy
2006 Intermarriage, language, and economic assimilation process: a case study of FranceMeng, Xin; Meurs, Dominique
2007 Stunting and selection effects of famine: a case study of the great Chinese famineGørgens, Tue; Meng, Xin; Vaithianathan, Rhema
2007 Does a food for education program affect school outcomes? The Bangladesh caseMeng, Xin; Ryan, Jim
2007 Wealth accumulation and distribution in urban ChinaMeng, Xin
2007 Exploring the impact of interrupted education on earnings: the educational cost of the Chinese cultural revolutionMeng, Xin; Gregory, Robert George
2008 Regional price differences in urban China 1986 -2001: estimation and implicationHonge Gong, Cathy; Meng, Xin
2010 Economic reform, education expansion, and earnings inequality for urban males in China, 1988 - 2007Meng, Xin; Shen, Kailing; Xue, Sen
2010 Labour market impact of large scale internal migration on Chinese urban 'native' workersMeng, Xin; Zhang, Dandan
2010 Rates of return to university education: the regression discontinuity designFan, Elliott; Meng, Xin; Wei, Zhichao; Zhao, Guochang
2010 Intergenerational income mobility in urban ChinaHonge Gong, Cathy; Leigh, Andrew; Meng, Xin
2010 How much do we know about the impact of the economic downturn on the employment of migrants?Meng, Xin; Kong, Sherry Tao; Zhang, Dandan
2011 Migrant entrepreneurs and credit constraints under labour market discriminationFrijters, Paul; Kong, Tao; Meng, Xin
2012 Reserve price when bidders are asymmetricGunay, Hikmet; Meng, Xin; Nagelberg, Mark
2012 Exposure problem in multi-unit auctionsGunay, Hikmet; Meng, Xin