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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Exchange and interest rate channels during a deflationary era: evidence from Japan, Hong Kong and ChinaMehrotra, Aaron
2005 Evolution and determinants of public investment in EuropeVälilä, Timo; Mehrotra, Aaron
2005 Roads on a downhill? Trends in EU infrastructure investmentVälilä, Timo; Kozluk, Tomasz; Mehrotra, Aaron
2006 Essays on empirical macroeconomicsMehrotra, Aaron
2006 Demand for money in transition: evidence from China's disinflationMehrotra, Aaron
2007 Money demand in post-crisis Russia: De-dollarisation and re-monetisationKorhonen, Iikka; Mehrotra, Aaron
2007 Do sentiment indicators help to assess and predict actual developments of the Chinese economy?Mehrotra, Aaron; Rautava, Jouko
2007 Modelling inflation in China: a regional perspectiveMehrotra, Aaron; Peltonen, Tuomas; Santos Rivera, Alvaro
2007 A note on the national contributions to the euro area M3Mehrotra, Aaron
2008 The impact of Chinese monetary policy shocks on East AsiaKozluk, Tomasz; Mehrotra, Aaron
2008 McCallum rule and Chinese monetary policyKoivu, Tuuli; Mehrotra, Aaron; Nuutilainen, Riikka
2008 Forecasting inflation in ChinaMehrotra, Aaron; Sánchez-Fung, José R.
2008 Business surveys and inflation forecasting in ChinaKaaresvirta, Juuso; Mehrotra, Aaron
2009 Assessing McCallum and Taylor rules in a cross-section of emerging market economiesMehrotra, Aaron; Sánchez-Fung, José R.
2009 Real exchange rate, output and oil: case of four large energy producersKorhonen, Iikka; Mehrotra, Aaron
2009 Evaluating inflation determinants with a money supply rule in four Central and Eastern European EU member statesMehrotra, Aaron; Slacik, Tomás
2010 Wealth effects and Russian money demandMehrotra, Aaron; Ponomarenko, Alexey
2010 China's monetary policy and the exchange rateMehrotra, Aaron; Sánchez-Fung, José R.
2011 Changing economic structures and impacts of shocks: evidence from a DSGE for ChinaMehrotra, Aaron; Nuutilainen, Riikka; Pääkkönen, Jenni
2011 Comparing China's GDP statistics with coincident indicatorsMehrotra, Aaron; Pääkkönen, Jenni