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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999Crime induced poverty trapsMehlum, Halvor; Moene, Karl Ove; Torvik, Ragnar
2000Predator or prey? Parasitic enterprises in economic developmentMehlum, Halvor; Moene, Karl; Torvik, Ragnar
2001The market for extortionsMehlum, Halvor; Moene, Karl Ove; Torvik, Ragnar
2002Institutions and the resource curseMehlum, Halvor; Moene, Kalle; Torvik, Ragnar
2002At last!: An explicit solution for the Ramsey saddle pathMehlum, Halvor
2002Plunder & Protection Inc.Mehlum, Halvor; Moene, Karl Ove; Torvik, Ragnar
2002Battlefields and marketplacesMehlum, Halvor; Moene, Karl Ove
2003A finer point in forensic identificationMehlum, Halvor
2003ParasitesMehlum, Halvor; Moene, Karl Ove; Torvik, Ragnat
2004Rainfall, poverty and crime in 19th Century GermanyMehlum, Halvor; Miguel, Edward; Torvik, Ragnar
2004Exact small sample properties of the instrumental variable estimator: A view from a different angleMehlum, Halvor
2005Fighting against the oddsMehlum, Halvor; Moene, Karl
2007With or without U? The appropriate test for a U shaped relationshipLind, Jo Thori; Mehlum, Halvor
2008Samfunnsøkonomen SchweigaardMehlum, Halvor
2008King of the hill: Positional dynamics in contestsMehlum, Halvor; Moene, Karl
2010Aggressive elites and vulnerable entrepreneurs: Trust and cooperation in the shadow of conflictMehlum, Halvor; Moene, Karl Ove
2011Mineral rents and social development in NorwayMehlum, Halvor; Moene, Karl Ove; Torvik, Ragnar
2013The political economy of migration politics in oil-rich Gulf countriesMehlum, Halvor; Østenstad, Gry
2013China saving's multiplierMehlum, Halvor; Torvik, Ragnar; Valente, Simone
2013Samfunnsøkonomiens plass i jussen: Det juridiske fakultets første hundre årMehlum, Halvor