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2002Remembrance and Appreciation Roundtable – George J. Stigler (1911-1991): Scholar, Father, Dissertation Advisor, Referee, Textbook Writer and Policy AnalystFriedland, Claire; Goodwin, Craufurd; Hammond, Claire H.; Hammond, J. Daniel; Levy, David; Medema, Steven G.; Naples, Michele I.; Samuels, Warren J.; Stigler, Stephen M.
2019Embracing at arm's length: Ronald Coase's uneasy relationship with the Chicago SchoolMedema, Steven G.
2019Between LSE and Cambridge: Accounting for Ronald Coase's fascination with Alfred MarshallMedema, Steven G.
2021What happened on Blackstone Avenue? Exorcising coase theorem mythologyMedema, Steven G.
2021Identifying a "Chicago school" of economics: On the origins, diffusion, and evolving meanings of a famous brand nameMedema, Steven G.
2021In search of Santa Claus: Samuelson, Stigler, and Coase theorem worldsMedema, Steven G.
2022One man a committee does not make: Henry Manne, the AEA-AALS joint committee, and the struggle to institutionalize law and economicsGindis, David; Medema, Steven G.
2022It's fundamental: Welfare theorems, market failures, and the turn from "public finance" to "public economics"Medema, Steven G.
2022On "defunct economists" and the use of economic ideasMedema, Steven G.
2023What happened on Blackstone Avenue? Recovering the origins of the coase theoremMedema, Steven G.
2023Posnerian rhapsody: The role of the coase theorem in economic analysis of lawMedema, Steven G.